Proposal: one portal for those who missed out

This proposal kind of resembles the other proposal to approve all failed transactions, with one key difference.

The idea would be simple:

  1. load up all failed transactions
  2. check the corresponding wallets for a successful transaction
  3. if the wallets did not manage to get a successful transaction at the time of the haunt, host a private haunt just for these wallets where they get the option to buy a single portal each.

this way everyone who participated at this haunt will be able to at least get a chance of getting their own gotchi without having to pay ten times the price on the bazaar.

we’ve all been looking forward to this moment a lot, some of us for a very long time. this drop was over in the blink of an eye, some people walked away with dozens of portals while others got nothing. this really stings. of course, congrats on selling out in a minute. but thats just fun for the devs and marketing. as a community we are just left out in the dust and thats not what frens are for.

So a private haunt for everyone who missed out but did participate would be aawesome.


I don’t know how to code but I’d be willing to learn how to in the next hour to make this happen. Great idea.

Whether or not you can cross-check the criteria I think at the very least there should be some opportunity for people who had failed tx.

If there’s no new haunts, or a way for everyone interested at drop time, I think the game will lose a lot of momentum. Like mentioned in the other thread, consolidation on 3k addresses is not a good look.


yeah. fomo marketing is just too frustrating to deal with. just look at topshot and how it is ripping that community apart. would really suck if gotchi went that way, Im not interested in feeding into that.


Did not get to the failed state. Only let the tx to be approved. So im quessing it is not showing everybodys Fails. Other than that seems like a good idea. Also, secondhand shop is open so those who missed out can still get in that way.

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I’d even support a new private haunt for all addresses with any one of the following:

  1. failed approval
  2. successful approval
  3. failed buy.

Private haunt NOT available for any address with any one of the following:

  1. successful buy or
  2. no approval attempt.

Limit one portal per wallet in Private sale. Could even make available for a limited time frame. 1 day? This throws a bone to the folks who were lucky enough to get portals in Haunt 1.

I think this is basically an expansion of what OP is suggesting. Please excuse me if I’ve misinterpreted/overspoken.


Hardcap the sell price for opened portals to 100 ghst for the next 24 hours.


excellent idea - 1 portal each super important!!!

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Great idea, better than relaunched a new haunt !

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I gotta say, With these specs I would not be getting one because I bought a 444 ghst opened portal. And I would not even be mad that ppl would be getting for cheaper.

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This :+1: If it’s possible to do in a way that those who began the approval process but didn’t get one would have a change to participate in a private sale. Since failed transaction isn’t the only reason that many of us missed out; for example, in my scenario, transaction was successful but I didn’t get one(didn’t lose GHST either). Not quite sure what happened there.

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I really like this idea.

I am with gotchi gang since the beginning even though I am not type of guy that is spending much time of Discord. I was waiting for the moment of launch since a long time. I was super excited on launch on January 4th that was postponed due to extremely high gas.

Now it supposed to be better but unfortunately it didn’t and after portal approval my transaction failed… I would really love to have oportunity to get at least one gotchi… I even promised one little fellow to my lovely girlfriend and sadly we don’t have such a oportunity right now, without paying x5 price per one portal. Please consider this solution frens.

I believe that you understand this situation and somehow will find a solution.
Wish you all the best frens.


Well obviously since my transaction failed and didn’t get any portal I would be in favor for this proposal.

Especially since a lot of users bought portals just to resell them at obscene prices…

All most people want is just ONE gotchi to be able to enjoy the game.


YES! This is a fair & honest way to not overflow with gotchis & keep the OG investors happy.

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You have my full support if it ever comes on vote!
Though i did manage to get the portals i wanted,
Many people are left feeling salty getting nothing
for example my friend who i told about this game got nothing even though he approved the tx as soon as he could.

Now he’s left feeling salty and angry as he can’t afford the prices on the bazaar :frowning:

If everyone can atleast get 1 little ghost fren then i think people would be a lot happier
and by all means I want people to enjoy this rather than feeling left out and screwed over by luck

Also next haunt we should probably allow people to approve the contract BEFORE the haunt even starts.
And lastly i prefer this idea over doubling haunts, they shouldn’t be too common.

Kind regards from your best fren. :ghost:


There are undoubtedly many ways to level the playing field for the initial haunts to involve early adopters as well as whales and speculators. I’m disappointed less about not getting a portal than I am about not understanding why I couldn’t perform my transaction during the launch.

Some kind of analysis of the launch, explaining how the launch unfolded, would keep me engaged to try again. I’ve been on discord, medium, snapshot, attempted the missions, have tried to educate myself about the Aavegotchi ecosystem, Matic/Polygon, etc. but it seems like in the end none of that mattered. If there are “tricks of the trade” or other best practices for participating in Aavegotchi I’d very much like to know what they are. Maybe some web3 browsers or Matic-compatible wallets are better than others, those sorts of insights.

Providing this kind of information to the community is, I believe, essential regardless of how the next Haunt is administered. It isn’t just up to the dev team to make the process work smoothly.


Totally agree!"


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Strongly agree with you!!!

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This is the best idea I’ve seen :ok_hand: :+1:

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The only thing I would add is that this includes those of us that had successful transactions, spent gas, but got nothing anyway. So, add a feature to check for a successful transaction but no record Aavegotchi or portals in inventory (or recent sale of them, obviously).

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This will make Aavegotchi LEGENDS in the NFT space, if they can achieve this! To allow all those that were at the original haunt to get at least 1 Gotchi. If there is a way to prove we had a failed transaction then sign me up. I attempted like 20 times. Got a couple of approved transactions and then just never got a Gotchi, and then after that all transactions just showed failed.

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