__Gotchi Battler__

In my imagination, the PVP of 1v1 is like this. Gotchi of the same BRS segment pays to enter the arena (the payment can be set to a gear, such as 10ghst 20ghst 50ghst). The payment threshold can be set. The winner will receive 80-90% of the other party’s fees (which can be set according to the situation). The rest will enter the Dao for subsequent RF rewards or other purposes
For example, gotchi around brs540 enters the arena and chooses to pay 10ghist as the competition fee. The winner can get a reward of 8-9ghst. Gocthi can also be loaned to the licensee, so that players who are better at PVP can operate and get a share reward.

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Freaking aweomse idea.

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Instead of battling each other, a team of Gotchis could battle their way through a dungeon ending with a boss battle at the end.

Wearable specials

Instead of the Gotchis traits determining which special moves it has, each hand wearable could have its own special move. This would increase the complexity a lot but also add much more variety to the game and deepen the tactics.




Oh, I am sure everyone has some extra godlike/myth/legendary sitting around to mix and match cool special moves

Especially godlike :slight_smile:

Dungeon sounds cool too…

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