Gotchi Explorer - GotchiScan

With the last distribution of XP I saw some users in the discord ask if they actually received their XP, I wondered the same. But it got me thinking there should be a better way to monitor all the actions or transactions a gotchi has made. We could monitor every pet, every wearable put on/off, every reward/badge our gotchi gets, every XP received, and so on and so on. I know I can check the transactions I made like petting on the matic explorer, but for XP I don’t think I can check this easily. I presume everything is already monitored on the Matic chain, so I have no idea how easy or hard this could be to build. But seems like something people could use to verify certain actions.
It would be nice for instance to see how the new gotchi I bought was treated by it’s previous owner.

Like someone mentioned, it could be on a community site, like


I would rather it on the gotchis menu then a community site, but good idea :+1:t3:

I don’t think it really matters where it is built. It could be community built and then used by aavegotchi themself to display some info or something like that. Of course it would be nice that the team could provide this, but I can imagine their focus is on the game.

Yea community made as long as it’s in the actual game UI in my opinion. Less complicated for adoption