Introducing Gotchi Heroes Reworked Version + Funding Request

Introducing Gotchi Heroes Reworked Version + Funding Request

Gotchi Heroes is a passion-driven project, born out of a love for idle and clicker games and a desire to fill a gap in the blockchain gaming space. Initially with a small team and limited experience, we embarked on this journey to create an enjoyable, addictive game with real rewards. After nearly two years of dedicated effort and significant personal investment, we are proud to have brought our initial vision to life and gained a lot of experience throughout the journey. While I have funded the majority of the project, my ambition to fulfill the dream that inspired me remains unwavering. The fact that players are now engaged and participating in the game brings me immense joy and gratitude.

At SlowSundayGames, we’ve developed Gotchi Heroes, an IDLE gameplay journey where players use their Aavegotchis as characters. Through XP events and rewarding seasons, we’ve tested our backend servers and scalability successfully. However, to further enhance our offering, there are enhancements we need to make.

Gotchi Heroes aims to provide an immersive gaming experience on par with industry leaders. We plan to integrate Aavegotchi assets and other features to enhance the interface and bring our vision to life.

Our vision extends beyond the present. We’re excited about the prospects of transitioning to the Unity game engine and a full art revamp, a move that promises a refreshing, graphic design and a responsive user interface. This leap forward isn’t just an upgrade; it’s our ticket to unveiling new and exciting game mechanics, designed to captivate our gamers further.

To realize this vision, we seek financial support from the Aavegotchi DAO. Together, we aim to redefine gaming standards for Aavegotchi games and leave our mark in the blockchain gaming world.

New Art Style




New Feature Enhancements for Gotchi Heroes

1. Leveling System for Players During the Season

Introduce a player leveling system that progresses with in-game activity during each season. This system will provide players with a tangible sense of progression and reward for consistent participation.

2. Achievements

Introduce an achievement system with tasks and rewards, ensuring every player’s experience is unique and promoting replayability.

3. Reworked Tokenomics of Our Token

Revise the current tokenomics to ensure a sustainable and balanced in-game economy that’s rewarding for players and investors alike.

4. New Items Crafting Mechanics and In-Game Currencies

Expand the game’s depth by introducing item crafting mechanics and additional in-game currencies.

5. Introduction of Gotchi Companions (Pets) and NFTs

Boost in-game immersion by introducing battle companions for Gotchis.

6. Enhanced Player Onboarding with a Free-to-Play Focus

Improve player onboarding by offering a more accessible entry point into the game, reducing the emphasis on owning a top-tier gotchi for high rankings.

7. Dungeons

Rather than having progressive levels, the game will now feature dungeons. Each dungeon will comprise of 10 levels.

These are just some of the features that we will include in the new version of the game. More details can be found in the Features Litepaper that is a WIP progress full of new features that we can now include with the new game engine.


Month 1: Planning and Preparation

  • Define scope and requirements for demo version
  • Finalize feature set and prioritize
  • Allocate resources and assign tasks
  • Set up project management tools and communication channels

Month 2-3: Development of Demo Version

  • Begin frontend development (core gameplay, basic UI/UX)
  • Start graphical rework (key visual elements)
  • Begin backend development (server infrastructure, basic functionality)
  • Conduct regular progress meetings

Month 4: Demo Release

  • Complete frontend development (functional gameplay, polished UI/UX)
  • Finalize graphical rework (polished visual elements)
  • Complete backend development (stable infrastructure, working features)
  • Conduct early private testing and bug fixing
  • Release public demo version for user feedback

Month 5-6: New Features and Updates

  • Analyze user feedback and identify improvements
  • Plan and prioritize new features based on feedback
  • Allocate resources for implementation
  • Continue frontend and graphical development
  • Extend backend functionality and optimize performance
  • Conduct testing and bug fixing
  • Release updated version with new features


This proposal outlines our request for Aavegotchi DAO’s support in migrating Gotchi Heroes to the Unity game engine and eventually the Gotchichain. This endeavor is not just a cosmetic upgrade; it’s a comprehensive revamp of the game, from its core framework to its user interface. We are working with a game developer and game artist so the assets shown are real life examples of how the game will change.

How will Aavegotchi DAO Benefit?

Here’s what Aavegotchi DAO stands to gain:

Improved Player Experience: By enhancing the graphics and incorporating fresh game mechanics, we promise a vastly improved and more immersive player experience.

Inclusion of Alchemica: The integration of Alchemica is already complete This move will offer new in-game actions and raise their utility.

Token Burning: We plan to burn 50% of the Alchemica deployed for in-game actions, which will effectively serve as a sink for Aavegotchi tokens.

We project a budget of 50k USD for this initiative. This figure encompasses the costs of redevelopment, graphic enhancement, testing, implementation, and subsequent maintenance.

Cost Breakdown

1. Frontend Development ($30,000):

  • Unity Game Engine Integration: $8,000

  • Game Mechanics Implementation: $6,000

  • Networking Solution and Security: $5,000

  • New Animations And VFX: $4,000

  • New Player Progression System: $3,000

  • UI/UX Implementation: $3,000

  • Audio Integration: $1,000

2. Graphical Rework ($10,000):

  • Art Direction and Concept Art: $2,000

  • Character Design and Animation: $3,000

  • Environment Design: $2,000

  • Object Design: $2,000

  • UI/UX Redesign: $1,000

3. Backend Development ($10,000):

  • New Feature Development: $4,000

  • Server Infrastructure Optimization: $2,000

  • Database Optimization: $2,000

  • API Integration: $2,000

Total Asking Budget: $50,000

In Conclusion:

Gotchi Heroes has been an exciting journey, driven by our vision for an evolving gaming experience. With the support of Aavegotchi DAO, we can bring a reimagined version of Gotchi Heroes to life, surpassing our previous achievements. This investment opportunity not only drives the next chapter of the game but also cements its place in the gotchi community . We humbly invite Aavegotchi DAO to be part of this journey and support us in building a thrilling future for players and the blockchain gaming community.

We look forward to any comments, opinions and feedback. Thank you for taking the time to look at our future plans.



This is dope especially the alchemica burn. Unity based games are all the rage right now and fits well with the movements of other web3 gaming studios (PC, Space Skellies, Running Pop, Nova Creed, Boomland, etc)


Thanks fren!

Yeah we feel that moving to Unity is a must to allow us to code in more fun mechanics and features. We are working on more ways to be an Alchemica sink as we feel that is something that is very much needed.


The name of the game is ‘Gotchi Heroes’. However, there isn’t much about Aavegotchi lore in the current state.
Mob doesn’t looks like liquidators, items doesn’t looks like our wearables.

I would support funding only if gotchi lore is more present beceause at this time, I don’t feel like I’m playing an Aavegotchi game.

Gotchi Heroes is built on the Aavegotchi ecosystem, our aim has been to create a unique, standalone experience that complements, rather than replicate, the Aavegotchi universe. We use all the available traits that Aavegotchi have to offer and your gotchi with all of its gear is active and visible in the game, but I see your point. Luckily with the new upgrade and new art we plan on including more of the Aavegotchi characters and lore into the game.

Here we go, frens! Some WIP with animations. This is the first of many animated monsters and attacks, the new art is pure fire! What do you guys think?