Gotchi-sitters - Requesting Input

If you’re in crypto, you’re probably sitting on a lot of wealth. And when it comes to wealthy parents, they’re all too familiar with neglecting their kinship. Some of us are likely no different when it comes to our Aavegotchis. All it takes is a mere 10 seconds to show appreciation to your loved one and give your gotchi a little pet-pet, and yet, neglect is still present.

That’s why I propose gotchi-sitters. You can hire a gotchi-sitter who will be whitelisted to be eligible to pet your gotchi. You can also lay out the terms as to how much they must be paid per pet, or let them set their rates.

This would allow wealthy and neglectful parents to hire other more compassionate people to care for their loved ones since they’re too full of themselves to take the time to do it themselves.

Example flow is that Bob the Babysitter has his services listed at 0.1 MATIC/pet at the Gotchi Daycare, I hire him, and now every time he pets it he gets 0.1 MATIC/pet. I know it sounds like rocket science, but it’s really not!

If he forgets to pet my gotchi? Maybe he owes me, or he gets fired automatically, who knows!

Do you think that a gotchi-sitter function would be beneficial to the project? Why or why not?


Count me in.


i mean someone is gonna make a bot that does this automatically for almost free so if you want that then by all means in that case should just be able to put on auto petting behind a paywall and keep the funds inside the ecosystem.