Manual petting reward


so I am peting my gotchi every day twice per hand. Since i know that most gotchis are petted by a bot it kinda seems senseless that there is a manual way, or better said, who has the money has the advantage. Since so many gotchis are on auto pet im out of the leaderboards completly. Enough rant! My idea would be to reward manual petting, how to know that it was manual? with every pet there could be a typeform to sign, like in the hangouts, maybe with a question or like a math task or something. Manual petting could be worth like kinship +2 for every manual pet. Everyone whos petting manual has no advantage of doin so, maybe someone has more ideas how to update that problem.




I think the problem is that checking manual petting requires… manual checking. Big yikes. Doesn’t seem very viable.

this could be a ongoing thing to test anti-bot measures? 2 week manual competition with prices. Badge for completion.

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…could this be a goodghosting event in the future?

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I agree petting is dumb. Its a money grab for the Polygon network and provides no entertainment value.

Walking your gotchi through a haunted house minigrame would be a better idea.

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I would love to see petting replaced with interacting by playing with your gotchi.

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Replacing petting with an activity is a better idea, imho. once the arcadedao starts pumping out more games, petting could be replaced with “did your gotchi get excercize today?” which would mean you’d have to take it to go play a minigame every day, or miss the pet. The games is a good place to do it, because those will potentially be harder to bot, or at least, harder to hide the bot.

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how can we start a proposal, that everyone can vote for or against it?

first you would want to come up with the perfect mechanism to accomplish the goal you have, state it clearly, and then put a vote in this topic here, and see if you have an idea that’s going to get support.

Going into the ArcadeDAO discord and asking them if they have any ideas is a good plan, because they are not the dev team, and we don’t want to bother the dev team. That’s the place you’re going to be able to see if you can get someone to code your idea, unless the idea is still to somehow magically know its a bot or not.


this was brought up on the weekly hangout.