Proposal: My Best Fren (Petting Operator Add-on)

Problem summary: Sometimes I miss my phone reminders and forget to pet my gotchi, this makes me sad. Building on the new Pet Operator proposal, it would be nice to have a human-powered backup to pet your gotchi without having to pay GHST every time, as long as it was not feasible to abuse.

Proposal summary: Any wallet address with at least one gotchi may optionally elect one other wallet address that owns at least one gotchi to be their Best Fren. If the other wallet address accepts the invite, both gotchi owners in the Best Frenship would have access to pet each other’s gotchis at any time for no fee. Your best fren’s gotchis would appear under your gotchis on the My Aavegotchis page, showing the same info of when they can next be pet.


  • Only wallet owners with at least one gotchi can participate as Best Frens
  • A wallet owner can only ever have one best fren at a time, so this is a two-way reciprocal relationship.
  • To initiate a Best Fren invite, the inviter must pay a one-time 1 GHST fee.
  • To accept a Best Fren invite, the invitee must pay a one-time 1 GHST fee.
  • To dissolve a Best Frenship, either party must pay a one-time 1 GHST. Accepting Best Frenship requires both parties to opt-in. Dissolving requires only one party.
  • A single gotchi can only be pet by a Best Fren for a maximum of 7 times per week, to eliminate incentive for bot writers to divide their gotchis into two wallets and enable best frenship for free unlimited petting (per suggestion of nofuturistic)


  • Community building: Encourages community members to collaborate with others
  • Growth hacking: Encourages gotchi owners to get IRL friends to join
  • Opens the door to other in-game collaboration only available to Best Frens
  • Portion of Best Fren fees can be burned to help tokenomics

What do you think frens?

This idea is chained off of a reply I made and proposed here.


I like this idea as long as wallet security is not an issue. Personally, I work from home and would interact with mini games and petting my gotchi at a higher frequency if possible. I love the idea of potential in-game collaborations between Best Frens (tag team gotchi battles anyone?) Quick question though: could this feature be easily abused by bots? Also, should the Best Fren who is petting your gotchi on your behalf receive any benefit beyond the tender altruistic feelings of helping a friend or should this person also receive something (like a fractional kinship point or some frens for their trouble). I use to be a dog walker and dog sitter so I can see a secondhand market for gotchi sitting if there was a benefit rendered to your new Best Fren. :nerd_face:


Quick question though: could this feature be easily abused by bots?

Good point! Yes, a bot creator could have their gotchis in two separate wallets they own, and then use it to pet their gotchis automatically for free. I will add into the “limitations” section of my post a limiter number to how many “Best Fren Pets” can be given from a wallet holder per week, this should help mitigate that issue.

should the Best Fren who is petting your gotchi on your behalf receive any benefit

I think that would possibly further incentivize gaming/bots of the best frenship, but very open to ideas on how to extend it so it could not further incentive abuse of best frenship!

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Yeah if it is possible to limit bot usage for this feature, enabling/incentivizing the Best Fren feature would be really cool. The only other issue I could think of would be that both the gotchi owner and the Best Fren would likely have to pay a small transaction fee on Polygon to execute the petting which would mean there needs to be an in game capability to allow your Best Fren to sign those petting transactions without you. I am not sure how difficult that would be. @coderdan what are your thoughts?

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Great idea fren…,…, …

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What if each Gotchi could have 1 best fren… And the best fren has to be from another wallet.

Imagine you get a badge that periodically updates with the gotchis wearable changes.

It could be a heart shaped badge with your best fren in the center.

Best Frens for Life


Ooh I like the badge idea.

This is good, I have a local community that talks to each other every day. It would be better to help others pet the gotchis in case they’re really busy with their life.

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I really like the idea of a “Best Fren” being able to pet your Aavegotchi for free. Main concern (like always) is if you offer a convenience for free, it will get abused by scripters. Only allowing the Best Fren to pet it once per 24 hrs like mentioned above could be a potential fix for that.

Actually you can already basically do this with the petOperator, except the revenue goes to the petOperator (and a % to Pixelcraft). If we assume that the final fee is 2 GHST per pet and PC takes 20%, you’re basically spending 0.4 GHST per pet with the petOperator, which really isn’t bad when you consider the kinship rewards. The other 1.6 GHST you could just get refunded from your fren (or however you work it out).

I really really do like the idea of Gotchis making frens though. Just not sure it’s totally necessary for us to prioritize this right now? (Pls remember that all changes involving GHST require large amounts of dev time + expensive audits to ensure that no user funds will be lost!) We’re probably going to spend $10,000 to get the petOperator code audited, which I hope helps explain why Pixelcraft is taking a % of the fees.