Gotchiboard Alchemica Competition

Hello frens,

This has been a long time in the works but we’re finally getting ready to launch the first Gotchiboard competition!

This will be hosted on - a DAO funded project

Here are the details:


I love this initiative for multiple reasons:

  • We need to have fun. This sounds fun
  • Gamification of Gotchiverse gameplay could potentially have a positive EV. Please consider providing a report on this initiative’s effect to help guide future efforts and reward amounts. Consider including some amount of funding for yourself or a bounty for someone else to complete this.
  • The Player rewards pool is appropriate as this was funded by land purchasers who are targeted and supported with this initiative
  • I expect we could see large guild entries and collaborative efforts which could further improve +EV. We know from app-based games that individuals are willing to spend more money in guild wars or competitions than individual efforts
  • Extra liquidity will be useful with the upcoming Forge release and RFS5

How do you plan to handle reward distribution? Is PC amenable or are you doing this yourself? Again, consider a bounty for assistance in reward and raffle management if you’ll need help.

Thanks for putting this together!


im against this, alchemica economy should work without incentives

and for 80k something cool can be developed (forge has similar budget)


kindly note that I have top 1 for this month :slight_smile:


Looks good on the surface… why not push it to 6 weeks. That would get everyone in, have a longer effect, and the prizes would be similar.
You dont need much incentive to build, so getting a free maxed spacious build for 1st place is probably more than you need, and that stull gets last place enough for a l7 upgrade somewhere.

How about 1 win per console? This kills the sybil attack.

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Until we have a fun game to play I think we need ideas like this to gamify what we currently have. This will add some fun and competition to the daily channel/harvest grind.


Sounds fun! One quick note. If we start pushing people to upgrade then discontinue competitions in the future we will find ourselves in a worse economic position. Hoping we can keep the ball rolling in the future.

Looking forward to it!

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This is using Gotchiverse player rewards for funding, not the DAO treasury. The intention was always to gamify leaderboards, I think Dan mentioned GLTR leaderboards when GLTR was first announced, but the economy was in such a bad state pre AGIP-49 we haven’t been able to do initiatives such as this up to now.

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This sounds great. The time multipliers add a nice twist


That could help to make the tail longer too.

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I’m sorry but the first post doesn’t really explain what this is?
Is it a “game” where the more Alch we spend the more GHST we get?
If not, discard my message below.

I might be out of touch with reality but I’ve a hard time understanding how this benefits Aavegotchi and what it accomplishes.
Here is my pov: this idea won’t bring new players, won’t fix the Alch economy and won’t interest anyone that is not a whale. 80K GHST can literally be a whole year of events funding that would bring more players and grow the audience.

When we suggest new ideas like this one I think that we must explain how this benefits Aavegotchi and who we’re aiming at. Can someone do that for this idea? What’s the ROI?



Hi @Ceza

I’ll try and address each of your points individually:

I agree it’s unlikely to bring new players in to the space but it may bring new players into farming that weren’t interested before.

Farming has been disincentivised from launch due to the large oversupply coming from channeling. Everyone has been crying out for for more token sinks but we already have a big one - farming equipment. There’s still a huge amount of Alchemica and GLTR in circulation and in my opinion this is a great way to take that out of economy to make sure it’s in the best possible shape for when PvP lands and we have more sinks.

The way the leaderboard is setup to use addresses means that guilds and partners can get involved in the competition as well as whales/individuals. There’s also raffle prizes for smoler players who do not win any of the GHST prizes. I’m hoping this allows anyone to get involved and go for some rewards but if not, if you zoom out, I’m sure you’ll realize this benefits the whole ecosystem whether you win a prize or not.

Aside from that I’m hoping for people who do want to get involved this a fun gamification of building out your farms. I put a lot of thought into the different rounds and time based multipliers and I think it will lead to some really interesting game theory.

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ser, your ONE round prize for #1 is worth more than half of an entire month of upgrade in November when everyone was rushing to upgrade. And this competition is 4 rounds.

P.S. I haven’t done the math for rest of top 20

of course…the quickswap includes price impact…but you get the point

A 1 to 1 ghst refund payment for every upgrade yanik(Nov #1) made in November would cost less


Also, 68% of prize pool was allocated to top 5.



About 200K ghst worth of alch was spent in November.
The Prize is 80K in total.

So PC / Dao is paying 1 ghst for every 2.5 ghst spent.

Wouldn’t it be better and more fair to just distribute the 80K ghst as a refund proportional to each address’s upgrade spending relative to the total spent by all address?

Note: I am not saying I support a refund.

I believe what you’re sharing only supports the competition even more. I don’t believe people were rushing to upgrade, as you say. The EV on upgrading for the competition at the moment is quite positive. I can guarantee you if the competition goes live, people will spend several times over what they already are in hopes to claim the top prizes.


So when is the start date?

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Could this be done with half the cash prizes? I like the idea but not so much as the high cash prizes. IMHO we should not make it a “standard” to give out thousands of GHST in prizes when a unique NFT or even bragging rights with a $100 usd prize would suffice and would be easier to maintain :man_shrugging:


Im not a fan of only paying out 20 places. The recent AGIP49 (also authored by Mark) altering spillover consolidated power at the top and this will too. Small hands wont even try if we are paying out 20 places. Under this plan the richest 20 will get their building projects subsidized while the rest remain poor and continue to serve as exit liquidity for the new mass of alchemica the top 20 now have.

This should be payed out over like 200-250 places so we actually achieve community involvement.


my vision. our main purpose = balance total rate and total spend. Let’s take FOMO as an example. for example current rate = 350k, current spend = 300k (numbers are not exact, just for example). we are launching the competition leaderboard from January 1st. in January we will have an average spend = 500k and the rate will increase from 350k to 425k because people will upgrade their aaltars, harvesters and reservoirs. in February we will see how the spend will drop to 260k, or even 200k-230k, and the rate will increase further starting from 425k and we will get an imbalance again. so I think that 80k reward is too much. 20k is enough reward to raise both the rate and the spend slightly and reach balance. the rate will increase from 350k to 380k and the spend from 300k to 350k-380k and after the end of the competition it will not fall so much, because there will not be so many people going all-in. I will simulate such a situation in order to explain how I see the dependence of the balance on the size of the prize fund. imagine that the prize pool is not 80k, but 500k. we will get a spend in January of 1000k, and the rate will increase from 350k to 500k, and the spend in February will be 140-160k, because everyone will build everything they were ready for and there will be no big motivation in spending in February.

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Is it just me or are people delaying their upgrades to wait for this competition? Is that what we want right now after we just turned off spillover, doubled channeling spillover, and are currently voting on whether to burn all spillover?

I think it’s a bad idea to incentivize Alchemica inflation-generating installations by giving out GHST. What will be the flow-on effects from all of this additional inflation that will come after this (that wouldn’t have been there otherwise without the GHST stimmy)?

The prize structure is too top-heavy, rewarding whales with too much of the DAO’s GHST. How did you come up with the formula for the prizes and the total prize pool amount? We need more time to think this through. The prize is too large as well. Only 20 spots seem too few as well, rarity farming has way more.

Could the DAO get a better return by putting 80K GHST into AAVE?

PVP is coming really soon with additional token sinks, we have got the dates now, so why are we incentivizing more Alch inflation using the DAO’s GHST before then?

For reference:

  • The Mosaic contest was for 10K GHST
  • The Halloween decoration contest was for 10K GHST