Haunt minigame idea

This idea is not for the incoming launch haunt but for future haunts to make it even more fair for everyone.

The idea is that you can’t just buy portals in bulk but you actually need to play a minigame to get them
this is to both stop bots from bulk buying and people from making 100 accounts to split their money on and bulk buy as well
you can limit people’s transactions or limit portals per transactions but at the end of the day none of this will work against bots and/or people with a 100 accounts
With a minigame a bot can’t play it and a person has to actually spend time (they also can’t play more than 1 game at once)

what the minigame should be i will leave up to you guys, whether its a stroll along the nether realm or something else i don’t know.
all it has to be is easy but take time enough to not be able to bulk buy.
this would potentially make it 1 portal per transaction but polygon is so cheap that doesn’t even matter :smiley:

the minigame must be:
-Very easy to play
-must take around 30-120 seconds to find each portal

-portal rarities or even portal types
(there could be portals with rares in them but less to choose from
or even portals that have extra commons and uncommons to pick from (as in more than 10 in 1 portal)

Last note: I understand this would be tough to implement but it’s the only way i think you could make it 100% fair.
I also believe it is important that portals are spread across as many users as possible so that many people can enjoy the game, And I think this is one of those ways.

Actual lastest last note: I’m not very well versed in smart contracts so I’m not entirely sure if people could exploit the system by just manually sending money to the smart contract address with some note attached

Please reply with any ideas of your own to add to this :slight_smile:


I love the idea that a defi game actually has a mini game to reach the transaction step.

You arrive at a room with 3 doors. The doors have 3 different symbols on them (Circle, Square, Triangle). One of them leads to the correct contract. The other two leads to “wrong/fake contracts”. In the top of the screen the right symbol is shown (or is written in text) and you basically just have to click the door with the corresponding symbol to then send your transaction to the right address.

Potentially this could make bots have to select between 3 different contracts and then back off.

But I’m not an expert in Smart Contracts so just throwing out ideas :slight_smile:


I think minigame which likes Tetris or Pac-man would be fine, players need to reach a certain point to fulfil the purchase






Find your maatchegotchi? Have to pull a matching / mate Aavegotchi by choosing the correct 1 of 3 portals to spawn from?


Pac Man seems the most appropriate… Go get those Ghosts! :slight_smile:


Love the idea btw!! :slight_smile:


This is a wonderful idea and would seemingly solve How many Portals should be bought in one txn? Something for the creators to think about, though I wonder if such an idea is precluded this close to launch by the work involved.

In sympathy with @Fren as I couldn’t write a smart contract if my life depended on it, maybe the mini-game could be exploited by evil forces.


This is definitely a cool idea. Something I think we should discuss more going forward for sure. Once there are some game elements built into Aavegotchi, we may even just be able to implement a “special event” within it without having to add an additional game as well :slight_smile: Very groovy thinking tho Fren.


That’s a fun and awesome idea to make transaction easy to understand :grinning:


So is there a failure condition for the game? In other words, if I lose/don’t score high enough, would the transaction be canceled?

In any event, something like Pac-Man sounds good (mechanically, simple enough to move in one of four directions with a well known goal of avoiding ghosts/collecting pellets). Taking that one step further, if we consider the infinite runner version of Pac Man (Pac Man 256) there’s now a far more variable playing field and loss condition (not moving far enough away from the void in time).

Layering on this, portals can spawn at random positions in the board and the player has to enter the portal they want to buy. This could be as simple as pure RNG or more complex where a certain number of pellets are needed to unlock a portal, rarer portals spawn further than common portals, etc. It adds a layer of risk/reward to the player choices as well (do I pick this guaranteed portal, or do I push on for a rarer one possibly?).

Additionally, if the seed for the maze board generation is known, and the player’s moves are stored as a note, it can be validated to prevent bots/modified inputs.

This all might be too complex for a smart contract (admittedly I’m much more familiar with game dev/game logic than smart contracts), but would provide randomized elements and a way to verify the player’s actions are “legal”.


I love that idea! Providing extra utility to the ecosystem through fun minigames :trophy:


I did read or read somewhere that we’ll build a simple PVP arena for gotchis I was thinking there is a game where you can battle people with your skills (don’t make it P2W please god !) and earn the “staking” bonus of the people you beat.

for the game itself, I supposed why don’t just like take a copycat of whatever PVP mobile game in the playstore or AppleStore.

The purpose is to make an incentive to play to win some token and make you play to earn “more” more “staking bonus”. But you can loose it too. or juste play once or twice a day just for the glory


We can have Gotchi Texas Hold’em ! with the fren that you earn :smiley:


Perhaps a less exciting option than some of the other ideas above (but could be easier to implement, not sure) would be a twist on the typical Captcha we see nowadays (click on every image with a traffic light, or bus, or crosswalk, etc), but in this case the user is asked to click on every image that includes a ghost, and perhaps the images are pixel art rather than photographs. Successfully completing the Captcha would unlock the ability to buy a portal.


Had to go n be all practical eh Fren? :sweat_smile:


Haha, you know you’re in the right DAO when that’s the “practical” suggestion of the lot!


Really love this idea. The more games, the better!