How to make NFTS valuable

Now NFTs prices in gotchisverse get down and down. does anyone think of the reasons behind? Now let me express my thinking and give the reasons.

Firstly, we think why in WOW or other Online games some equipment/wearables/weapons can sold for thousands USD or even more? my answer is “glory”, that mean if you own the valuable this equipment/wearables/weapons, you can have feeling of glory over others. why some equipment can worth such high value, in fact Feeling of glory is priceless. if one game has more players entered, the feeling of glory will worth more. that is the main reason why some equipment/wearables/weapons very expensive, eventhough it is not real.

Then secondly, how to increase feeling of glory if you own the equipment/wearables/weapons (NFTS)? there are three important factors: 1) USAGE, 2) RARITY,3) BEAUTY.

  1. USAGE: the most important factors is USAGE. For example if your wearables / weapons (NFTs) are more better, you can fight over other gotchis, and in return can get much more alchemicas from spillover. The NFTs’ usage can definately increase its value. and it is fundemantal factor.
  2. RARITY: only if the equipment/wearables/weapons(NFTs) are useful, and many many players want to buy or craft this NFT, then next factor will be rarity. because of rarity, it is hard for more and more players to get. then this NFT will become valuable even exceed over its original usage value.
  3. BEAUTY: the last factor should be beauty of this NFTs. because without usage and rarity, your NFTs will worth nothing. as we can see now lots of decarations we created, these decarations price get down everyday. However beauty also one factor, because some players will store the NFTs because of its design beatiful. More needed means this NFTs value increase.

The above of three factors will bring you the feeling of glory in the game. and below is how it will in turn to affect the games:
players craft better equipment/wearables/weapons ----> better in PVP or fighting—> collect more alchemicas —> use to craft better NFTs—> sell to other players to get money or update equipments or craft more better NFTs. this will form a good circle and alchmica price will increased, also NFTs value will increase. and game’s players will become more and more, in reture, your feeling of glory will worth more.


In all honestly - this is actually what I envisioned as the value stream at its core truth - “MMORPG you actually own everything in”. Farming, petting, everything we have currently released? Nope. All just a means to an end, which is owning good enough stuff to loot the hardest dungeons. The rest of that is all P2W degen stuff we do to bootstrap the real game, which involves bonking stuff, teamwork, and opening treasure chests.

thanks for your reply. in fact,now it is really hard time for us: alchemica price get down, gas fee keeps at high level. hope everything will return.