New Godlike tier for Gotchi traits

I want to spin this off into a separate discussion as I think we ought to avoid tangling this discussion with the implementation of ARS (which should be relatively orthogonal to this one). The idea was first mentioned by Bearded in the Implementing ARS in RF season 3 thread.

Currently, mythical traits are defined by a trait that is:

  • Less than or equal to 1
  • Greater than or equal to 98

The floated change would be to create a new godlike tier for extreme trait values.

Option A: Leave everything as-is. Mythical traits are the rarest and provide no additional value.
Option B: Introduce a godlike tier defined by traits less than X and greater than Y (would need some numbers run to settle on appropriate values for X and Y)
Option C: Provide a unique and separate bonus for traits above 99 and below 0. For example, 1 extra BRS for every point above 99 or below 0 a trait is. Moving NRG from 99 to 101 would provide a +4 BRS boost instead of +2.

What are people’s thoughts?

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Honestly, mythical traits seem a little too easy to get even without considering wearables or aging BRS points. Introducing godlikes would give players more to aim for and more hard decisions to make as they allocate their spirit points.

My first though for the godlike threshold is 104/-5, but I would be interested in the stats big brains’ thoughts.

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Shouldnt have to tell you this but this isn’t the right thread for random youtube videos and links @FlameViper

Ah I had multiple threads open and mistook this one for another one.

Stats speculation is showing strongly in the baazaar these days. If not for rarity farming tuning, at a minimum, folks are catching on to possible in game advantages. I anticipate exclusive opportunities to stats holders of certain criteria and imagine the finer we divide these tiers, the more in game diversity we will produce.