We need cheaper stuff to get more users

I think Aavegotchis are awesome. But to get hooked, you need to be able to try it out. Obviously, we all want the prices of our stuff to go up. However, that will not happen if we don’t get a lot more users.

How about adding new items that are of rarity “plentiful”. While common is like 1000 each, plentiful would be something like 10.000 each. There needs to be so many of it, that people would not bother buying it all up. Maybe even have something like “unlimited”, that you can buy for 1 GHST each and the Maall just never runs out of it. Obviously those items would just be cosmetic and would not alter traits.

Another possibility is selling Pets. You could offer Pets that can be bought and played with, even if you don’t have a Gotchi yet (since no one wants to spam a lot of cheap Gotchis into this realm). Again you could have some that are just cosmetic as far as the Gotchi is concerned (those would be unlimited) while other pets will buff the Gotchi when paired with them.

Ofc, those are just some suggestions of the top of my head. Anything cheap to get people to try this out would be great. And obviously we shouldn’t devalue anything currently owned by people.


I made a post about entry level portal drops with common values only (maybe rare uncommon)
as in they’ll all be under 400 rarity score more or less.
It’s not about items but still i think it’s very important for new players or players with less money to be able to start.

Also maybe item renting could be a thing? for people who can’t afford the item why not pay a small daily fee for it? Of course probably everyone would try to rent out their common items for a fortune but.


All of the items were really cheap when they were initially sold. The prices that you see now are what other players are charging so it would be hard for the Devs to stop people from setting their individual prices. Since it is basically a supply and demand if no one buys them the price will fall.


What else do you see in the Gotchiverse’s future, oh wise Cryptodamus? Aging well.

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