Incentivize Early Raffle Submissions

Hello frens,

In almost every single raffle, I wait until close to the end before buying and submitting my raffle tickets. Why? Because I prefer calculating my odds of winning in each rarity tier before spending my frens on the requisite raffle tickets. As evidenced by the RPG wearable raffle, it seems that I’m not alone in this strategy. While this isn’t a problem per se, I’m proposing a new incentive within the three day raffle period.

The incentive I propose is to add a bonus multiplier for early raffle ticket submissions. So as not to overpower this feature, I propose the following bonuses:
DAY TWO: 2.5%

To be explicitly clear: if a user submits 100 common tickets on day one, their submitted tickets should be 105. If they submit on day two, 102. And day three, 100.

I believe this incentivizes early submissions without overtly punishing late submissions in the Aavegotchi WAGMI kind of way. Thus, late raffle submitters (such as myself) can still wait to see the odds, but early submitters receive some compensation for their early participation.