Raffle Ticket Purchasing and Distribution Committees

Taken from an idea I saw from discord.

The gov’nuhs have recently voted to reject staking GHST for FRENS. This is understandable, as this would dilute FRENS yields for liquidity providers who are an important part of the Aavegotchi ecosystem. I propose instead that treasury funds be used directly to accumulate drop tickets over time which can be distributed as part of any promotions that the Aavegotchi community would like to pursue.

I propose creating two committees.

The first committee would be allocated a portion of treasury funds to purchase raffle tickets at floor prices. They could use any strategy as necessary to maximize the number of tickets accumulated for the DAO. One strategy could be to simply dollar cost average over time the purchase of floor price DROP tickets. This committee should have no power to spend tickets, and all tickets accumulated should be given to the second committee. This committee probably doesn’t have to be particularly large, and should be drip fed treasury funds over time.

The second committee would be responsible for deciding how to airdrop these tickets and executing on the ideas. This committee should have strict controls to prevent any shenanigans. Perhaps this committee would require a snapshot quorum before any distribution takes place, and be controlled by a trusted multisig.

The members of the committee should be compensated for their work, and so I also propose that the lesser of 1000 tickets or 2% of the tickets accumulated be allocated to committee members every 3 months.

Obviously this proposal is light on details, and I hope to receive feedback to refine this idea. Please show no restraint in any criticisms!

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