Partner with Aaxie to incorporate them as little pets that follows the Gotchis

Just a random idea off the top of my head. I play lot’s of ARAM (League) and the little legends that follow me around is a nice little concept that I thought would be cool to implement here.

Axie’s could fill the pet slot and give +2 of a certain type of rarity score depending on its highest stats - eg. High speed stat = +2 agg

Just wanted to drop the idea here as food for thought :carrot: :jack_o_lantern:
Maybe some breeding event from axie’s side? :thinking:


This is an interesting idea, though I would hesitate to link directly an Axie to a wearable in Gotchi as the supply of them is quite high and always changing. We could however make a pet wearable that is an Axie but only operates within the gotchiverse and has no actual use in Axie Infinity. That of course would require a partnership :slight_smile: