Introducing the Dressing Room - Bringing a better user and onboarding experience

Hey frens we’re delighted to see the sigprop for the next series of developments has passed. We’re eager to get to it and wanted to open up a discussion around the Dressing Room concept and work together to bring a great offering to the community.

Currently it is rather difficult to onboard new users. How often we hear in the chat room “hey I just got a gotchi, now what?” Aavegotchi as we know is a deep rabbit hole. While we joke about this, it isn’t ideal for gaining traction.

The Dressing Room will help with this. It is to be a user frenly and frictionless interface that provides anyone with loads of detailed information for their gotchirino. All of this dressed up with a fun interface that is in similar style to the Forge UI.


Let’s go from Pepe Silvia

To Stella. Your frenly fashionista here to make you your best self. :wink:

Some ideas we are already discussing:

Try on and buy

Filter wearables for perfect fit and rarity. Easily optimise your gotchi and buy missing pieces to complete the look with the cheapest available stock. No need to navigate the bazaar.

View rarity farming stats

View how much GHST your new rank would have earned in the past seasons as well as project a future outlook.

View Gotchiverse stats

Easily understand what you’re equipping and how it will affect your in-verse gameplay experience. This could expand into other game (like Gotchi Miner) stats as well.

Other Useful Ideas

  • quick inventory and floor data
  • gotchi appearance rarity - are you holding a 1/1, or 1/2?
  • easily export your look from all angles for pfp
  • estimated total value
  • helpful links to partners (pwn, vault, Orium) and wearables reports

The main goals here are to help with ease of access, better information dissemination, and less friction. Overall, there is so much potential here.

What else would you like to see built out into the Dressing Room?


I think we need new female head/hair items and what better chance than by introducing one designed by the great @notorious_BTC !


Now that you mention it, she is looking rather bald hahaha

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No more purses unless you can hit people with them :slight_smile:

Cost to forge selected wearables using floor prices of required alloy/schems/cores. Floor price for wearables using current auctions. Future requirement might be around guild channeling, which guilds use these wearables, maybe using an API exposed by



Having a route to cheapest acquisition would be great.
Buy Helmet 100 GHST
Forge Helmet for 95 GHST
Helmet on auction 80 GHST

With @yanik 's API we can also easily plug that information in, too.

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Yes, this gets good when you guys start building off eachother and synergies happen.