Economy-impacting demo gotchis

An idea a few people have in mind in response to 100 GHST gotchis is being able to buy much inferior gotchis. Unfortunately even the inferior gotchis have a 2.5x-3x price floor(at the moment), but the more portals are opened with higher BRS gotchis the more unwanted any Gotchi below 550 BRS becomes.

I on the other hand was thinking back to Lil Gotchis. I was thinking of something more extreme such as airdropping 500k-800k portals with just 2 gotchis in them which have a fixed BRS of 450 or 375 with very rare 1 in 100k chances to break that hard rule by going over 500 BRS and even landing an impossible 590 BRS.
I was thinking of no limitations for these gotchis beyond their poor rarity base, but apparently they need a few more limitations. Being a gotchi they can hold names, wear godlike items, be petted, start with 50 kinship, level up XP and traits, yield farm.

Then I thought of special limitations; when sacrificing them they do not offer any kinship and xp. Give them a specific cosmetic to differentiate them from the rest, they require no collateral to summon but collateral can be added later and they don’t die when they have even their 1$ collateral removed.
Then I also thought of an expiration date for them, but based on inactivity and all their items and collateral would be safely returned.

In the original idea there was no plan for an underpowered item airdrop, just gotchis. People would want even their commons to be worth something by having more gotchis than items.