Fake Gotchi Cards distribution

According to the blog post that came with the announcement for the FAKE Gothis experiment the 2535 Fake Gotchi Cards for the genesis (diamond) serie are planned to be distributed this way:

35 cards will also be given to Pixelcraft Studios, to be used for official partnerships.

  • 1000 cards distributed to Gotchi owners, in terms of ranking on the Aavegotchi leaderboard

    • Top 334 Aavegotchis by BRS
    • Top 333 Aavegotchis by Kinship
    • Top 333 Aavegotchis by XP
  • Drop Ticket Raffle for all remaining 1500 Fake Gotchi Cards

Reference: Introducing FAKE Gotchis: A Frenly Art Karmic Experiment | The Curve

There was some discussion in the weekly hangout regarding the proposed distribution and Pixelcraft said that they wanted to move on this pretty quickly. I createad this post so we can explore the matter further.

The goal seems to put those in the hand of the users that have been the most invested in the community (either by time or by capital) which totally make sense but I am not sure how well this distribution achieve that goal. For example, how many unique wallets does this represent across the top of all three leaderboards? I’d be surprised if it was three very distinct group of users. A big part of the top BRS and kinship group could well be passive users. The raffle seems to favor stakers which are probably also not necessarily the most active users. Some of those cards might end up not being used because of that.

It does beg the question of what type of users we want in control of those cards and how artists will get access to them. I feel art is a cultural thing and it make sense to hand the curation to those that embody that the most, but at the same time it should probably be less corroletated to financial value than actual involvement. Do we want it to be a curators or community managed program? Also we have to think of the aftermarket, if we spread them too thin it might make them more expensive to get for artists than if fewer entities have lots of them.

One proposition was to adjust de distribution according the rarity farming ratios for BRS, XP and kinship instead of dividing them equally. It seems reasonable that since they were incentivized in those proportions we’d reuse them for a drop like this as users have invested accordingly over time.

Also, @coderdan mentioned they had thought of going by number of typeform filled. I think it would be good to also include other social engagement metrics like snapshot votes to make the drop more inclusive.

To make room for those new categories we could add some element of randomness to the drop, making the tail longer to reach more users or reduce the number that will be raffled for drop tickets.

What do you think?


Also, keep in mind that the BRS flattening will be a probable outcome for the BRS ladder. This means that the current BRS standings will get flatted just to make it into the first 334. Think about this: I have 3 gotchies and I am optimizing for BRS rarity farming. the curve for RF is exponential, meaning that I have to optimize with all my best wearz one gotchi versus averaging the 3 gotchies. But for this competition, is just enough to be in the first 334. Meaning that I can just average my 3 gotchies for the cutoff, and that s all.

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Cut-off BRS for 334th place is around 635 now, but with the flattening I expect 700+ or even higher to around 720-750, depending on the FOMO.

That’s a good observation, the post did not mention how and when that snapshot would be taken, I assumed it would use the last round of season 4 but it would be good to get some clarification on that.

I don’t personally see a huge issue with the proposed distribution among the gotchis. My concern is with the fact that land ownership is kind of ignored in the distribution of these cards especially considering it’s linked to an installation meant to be built on land.

So someone who bought land like a spacious prior the farming launched, especially on initial sale in September, has invested a fair amount to aavegotchi as well. People who has built altars have been also investing the earned alchemica back in the game. So my proposal is based on the number of different wallets, we may consider distributing some fake gotchi cards on land owners i.e:

-Based on unique number of wallets, we can airdrop cards to wallets with altar lvls of say 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+. If that’s too many, then cut the tail at 7 or 8 or even at 9.

I’m thinking we should give at least half of what gotchis are getting in this way meaning 500 cards on land owners who had built high levels of altars. Numbers are to be tuned obviously, but it’s something worth to consider I believe.


334 BRS - 333 Kinship - 333 XP will only reward the top ladder.

Then almost 150-200 Gotchi will received 3 tickets its very unfair.

A Snapshot metric sounds much more fair for the community.

My POV on that : an active user is not someone who get all-in on top ranked Gotchis (or being early). An active user who participate fully in the ecosystem is not mendatory someone with lot of financial power.

It should be someone that juste invested on everything in a smart/balanced way : on gotchies, on wearable, on Lands, on installation, on LP farming, on decoration and on DAO participation. To be fair it should be a metric on the diversification with a balanced mindset/involvement in aavegotchi.

I’d appreciate it if others would check this for errors… but anyways it looks like there will be around 291 unique addresses receiving cards (snapshot taken today, Sept. 10th).

The cutoffs are; XP:1830, BRS:637, and KIN:1123… for now


I’ve also added an alternative method after Xeko wondered what distribution based on top 1000 gotchis by BRS only would look like: this would distribute to 461 unique wallets (though, again, this is based on today’s snapshot). In this case the BRS cutoff is now 593


Thanks for providing those numbers. I also checked the distribution for each category:

  • for BRS average per user is 2.05 and 63 of the 163 (37%) unique wallets are getting more than one
  • for XP average per user is 2.7 and 51 of the 123 (41%) unique wallets are getting more than one
  • for kinship average per user is 4.06 and 38 of the 82 (46%) unique wallets are getting more than one

This seems perfectly reasonable.

Yes, I think it’s good to see that the majority in each category is getting only one card. Also only 27% of the unique wallets are in more than one category, less than I would have expected.

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