Mall NFT Distribution Proposal

After yesterday’s Mall drop I have been considering a modification to the distribution model.

I think we need to more equitably reward those actively playing the game v’s whales/bots, as follows:

15mins of Fame - Early Mall Access (aka Disneyland Magic Hour)


  • (15mins) Pre-allocation per Aavegotchi for 1 item/category on sale

Qualifying Criteria - to select for active players/participants

  • Wallet address level allocation
  • Max 5 Aavegotchi per wallet
  • 60+ Kinship (all Aavegotchi in the wallet)
  • 50+ XP (all Aavegotchi in the wallet)
  • 30+ days in wallet address (all Aavegotchi in the wallet)

Purchase Rules

  • 1 item per transaction
  • No guarantee for purchases across all categories
  • FCFS

While I haven’t been able to do detailed analysis of how the number of Aavegotchi this qualifying criteria would apply to, I expect it to be ~1000 to 2000 (Aavegotchi not wallets). If stricter criteria were applied this number could be reduced further (if necessary).

Benefits of flipping will still be in place to grow the Aavegotchi DAO through resales on the Baazaar, but now a greater number of active players are benefiting rather than the bots we saw in the last drop.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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