Matic Top Ups for Gotchi Owners

One of the big barriers to entry for this game is understanding how to make sure you have enough matic so that you can perform the interactions in this game.

I recently saw another layer two solution called that does automatic top ups to pay for gas fees for people who interact with the network in various ways. This way users don’t have to worry about paying for gas fees which makes the user experience a lot smother and easier for new comers.

I propose that we implement something similar for Aavegotchi users with matic. There be two levels one being max and one being and indicator that the user needs to be topped up. This way aavegotchi users don’t have to worry about figuring out how to buy matic, which currently is a huge barrier to entry for the average internet user. Maybe deploy a percentage of baazaar sales to solving this user experience issue?

Also need to figure out how people can buy GHST with credit and debit cards, but that might be a completely other topic thread.


There is already an indicator with a link to the faucet if you’re out of MATIC at the top of the screen.


Does the Faucet let you fill up every so often and if so how often, cause when I first joined I got some Matic from the faucet, then quickly ran out and the faucet wouldn’t give me more so I had to scramble to figure out how to get more matic before I could continue to do anything with my gotchi.

The process I had to go through to get more matic was not easy, and will be a big deterrent for the average internet user, but maybe this game isn’t going to mass adoption and just targeting crypto savvy people?

If not free top ups on matic, there needs to be an easier solution or guide on how to get more matic, because that is the biggest barrier to entry other than figuring out how to bridge your eth over to polygon in my personal opinion.

I agree this is a problem. Matic used to airdrop 0.1 MATIC to all new users of the platform, but not sure if they are still doing that.

We could set up our own airdrop system, but it’s prone to being abused by bots.

Very open to ideas on how we could help our new frens acquire more than the bare minimum MATIC when they come on. Maybe a small portion of DAO treasury could be mobilized for this? But distribution is the tough part.


Maybe a percentage of the sale of a Gotchi can be converted into 1 - 10 Matic, which would be enough to take care of a single Gotchi for long time. This way people that were able to figure out how to bridge their Eth over to buy GHST and buy a Gotchi, don’t have to worry about also having enough Matic.

This could also be reserved for first time Frens who go from having 0 Gotchi’s to having 1 Gotchi so that these new users can have a much better user experience and are more likely to stay and take care of their Gotchi.

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I think you are touching on something interesting there fren in that interacting with the ecosystem you can have a wallet that is inaccessible to trade from but accrues a balance and is self sustaining. Perhaps we can use the Gotchicare system of staking to create frens in exchange for a gas free reaalm. Also IDK about when the reaalm launches but the GAX and Alchemica incoming.

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I think any mechanism for matic top ups needs to be able to keep pace with gas prices to be sustainable. Polygon gas fees have steadily been rising as the chain becomes more popular so offering free top ups may not be sustainable with the use of FRENS or GHST. I think ultimately, this issue can be remedied with gasless transaction tech that is being developed, or with easier onboarding from popular CEXes like Binance and Coinbase as they currently do not offer polygon withdrawals in the US. I am not convinced that this is Aavegotchi’s problem to solve as this is an issue common to pretty much every chain.

One idea that was brought up in the weekly hangout was the idea of having an Aavegotchi “Battle Pass” similar to other games like Fortnite. Obviously wouldn’t call it a Battle Pass, but the basic premise is that players pay a base cost to get access to a tier list skins, coins, etc that they could win as they earn the exp to reach each tier. We could implement something similar whereas people are more active during this passes’s season, they can unlock new wearables, get some matic, and anything else that we can offer for being more active. This way we can be doing multiple seasons, and each season could increase the Matic based on the increasing gas prices so people can continue to play Aavegotchi seamlessly without having to figure out how to top up on Matic.

the faucet never works for me when I screw up. It’s outdated, vs gas… Ive had it several times where it says I have enough but I cant even afford to swap anything directly to matic.