Mint Portals for the DAO in a future portal mint

EDIT: I have re-written this idea to make the value proposition hopefully more obvious for the DAO and broadened the scope.

PROPOSAL: In the next haunt portal mint, whenever that may be, set aside a very small portion of Portals to be handed over to the DAO treasury. Very small would mean a number the DAO agrees has no great material impact or threat of making the DAO some sort of majority player in the supply of Portals. That would remain the concern of actual Portal purchasers and the Portal supply/demand market.

The treasury can then utilize these portals in marketing campaigns or as player rewards for in-game events or activities, or anything else.


  1. Avoids the problem of minting new gotchis piecemeal for individual campaigns.
  2. Hopefully optically more tenable for current gotchi owners that will not view the mint as inflationary to gotchis overall, but as a sensible approach to giving the DAO flexibility in future initiatives.
  3. Avoids the DAO having to directly participate in the portal supply & demand market.
  4. The DAO could manage its own stable of renters and play initiatives that are not beholden to the criteria that are set out by the current crop of gotchi guilds if we actively allow them to be utilized while in DAO custody.


  1. May not be popular with a wider player base who could view it as minting free gotchis for DAO members with high political clout.
  2. The DAO could just purchase portals with treasury funds which benefits all Gotchi/Portal and GHST holders, instead of minting itself free portals. Some players may prefer the DAO to have to participate in the market like everybody else does instead of having the privilege of minting its own supply.
  3. DAO owned gotchis could be seen as competing with Gotchi guilds.
  4. Spending funds to purchase own portals could be somewhat costly for the DAO on a long term basis.

Run competitions for top players in some play category with prizes including gotchis. Provides a path to ownership for players that may not have the capital to get their own gotchi. Owning a gotchi will be a top aspiration for future lickuidators of which we will have thousands.

NOTE: I am NOT calling for a new portal mint any time soon. This post is more to trigger some ideation around what use-cases and initiatives might be possible if the DAO itself owned gotchis and any problems with the idea in general.

I don’t get a clear picture of what you want to reward or its connection to ecosystem growth.

To your list:

  1. Can you explain more specifically what kind of “loyalty” we want to reward? Hopefully not the people who logged in every day to extract 100% of what they earned and have no intention of contributing anything.
  2. This is pretty vague. Doesn’t handing out free money show outsiders that we reward the player-base?
  3. Why don’t we show off the paths that already exist and are being developed? Staking w/ very low risk…renting for free with crazy generous 75/25 splits…lickquidators…

I understand the impulse to reward the right committed people, and like it, but this plan needs more refinement from the ground up to find those people. In particular, I’m not keen to support anything based on indefinite hopes of goodwill in a vague broader NFT community.

But if we can figure out criteria that will attract people who will contribute to the DAO with time or the project with $, I would support the DAO buying existing NFTs to use for that.


I also 100% support the intent, but not the implementation here.

My gut, and deep and varied experience with trying to motivate scholars with incentives, tells me that you will get great results, with just a few great prizes, like, a portal, some reasonable parcels, a couple humbles, and some tiles. The DAO actually has alchemica, and can make tiles itself, and 2000 ghst would get a portal and the land.

The key thing you need, to make it work well, is a leaderboard and well structured contest, that somehow removes cheating from the thing. My suggestion, would be to pay a community member 100 ghst to build us a leaderboard, and run the contest as “best 12 hour session on a single wallet.”
There could be a few leaderboards, actually, with different prizes. a “best 4 hours” is legit as well, with a much smaller prize.

If you want to do one for owners… “best per gotchi average yield” and divide it by weight classes, because the guys with 100 gotchis cannot compete with the guy with one gotchi, on average yields, because the one gotchi guy can really put effort into one gotchi.

Another interesting one might be for “best ROI on land”, and have a prize for best humble, best reasonable, and best spacious. This is rewarding the guy who already won, but… it’s also extremely educational for ALL, as we will know what the best tactic was, and how it was achieved. Also, simply having this leaderboard in existence, means we now know what our ROI per parcel is :smiley:

I’d love to see this idea, funded by the yields from the idea to stake DAI.


Funding these initiatives through other means than just parceling off gotchis in a future Haunt mint is definitely an option. And probably the most acceptable to the majority of stakeholders in our ecosystem.

The DAO could have bought something like 50 H1 Portals in the last year on DAI lending yield alone in AAVE.
Im sure everybody would get on board with the portal floor price increasing a bit :wink:

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