Aavegotchi portals season 3 suggestion


for a season 3 I propose a few ideas for community overview

(1) make it gotchiverse-special, implement GHST, maGHST, KEK, ALPHA, FOMO, FUD coins, along with coins.

(2) Gamify coins “races” even a bit more with careful race supply /rarity politics. Making some coins retired was a very wise start in that direction

(3) Try to get something for exchange from coins which will be added to portal season 3 roll.

(4) sell portals in batches over a year, rather than in one big bang supply /demand shock event. And be smart about supply overall. Gotchis should maintain rarity in numbers and minds

with love and respect,

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on a side note aavegotcchi was a first curve-based coin, maybe its a time to implement first cuve-based nft?

and if you add burns (curve buyback) it can be a good sink also, which will also help maintain the value of the assets thats get deluded


@JonnyC321 and @letsgobankless had interesting idea for spillover tokens. They can be turned into untradable/untransferable tokens and spent on in game assets only.

If this idea takes off, maybe we could decide that haunt 3 portals can be bought with spillover tokens only. It’s kind of a win win, there will be less alchemica sell pressure and new portals will go to the hands of players.


great idea on spillover “burn”
it can also increase the value of higher level altars, if set a burn rate accordingly:

1% for lvl 3,
2% for lvl 5
3% for lvl 7
4% for lvl 8
5% for lvl 9

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i like how you described the idea (4) to release it in batches, and not all at once.

the other day i made a double myth eye kek gotchi

so i think that speaks for itself ((1) ← i like the idea there). also another way to stabilize the prices of alchemica a little, since we need to add it as spirit force :slight_smile:

i have no opinion on (2) & (3)

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I’ve been pushing for the Alch gotchis to be LP gotchis, so they spit GLTR.

They kind of have to be, since you can’t stake Alch by itself, and Gotchis are supposed to hold yield bearing tokens :slight_smile:

This also makes them super fun for the Aarena, since we will be fighting for spirit power.