Suggestion to make use of the minigames

Hello leader,

I have a suggestions to make use the minigames.For example,allow uses to play the game everyday and add 1xp or 1skisnap everyday so that can make full use of the minigames that you developed and make more people to enjoy this project.

Everyday,or everyweek.



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Welcome, Kelvin! I like your idea. And I think the developers would too, but it’s hard to implement because they have to give permission to distribute the XP and that valuable resource could be subject to unintended exploitation. Overcoming that barrier is part of the plan, but they are focusing on a few other things first.

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Part of the plan is that community devs receive grants of XP potion so that they can be distributed with minigame leaderboard climbing.
And also I don’t know about others but I’m currently updating my game so that it has server validation.


OK I see.then we will wait for their updates

Seems cool you played in advance!haha