Proposal: Treasure Hunt to celebrate the Realm launch

When the realm is live, there should be a treasure hunt with items hidden around that you can find by exploring and interacting!


Sounds cool, but the Realm seems so far away, and as i get it we will have no game till the realm.
Realm = (apetalk) I Spent The Money For LAND To PlAY kek
wen game?

Howdy Frens…

The way I understand it (in my tiny Gotchi mind) is that the game IS a treasure hunt with quests and challenges all throughout the Gotchidom Laands… I anticipate the excrutiating problem of ONLY having one set of hands to play one Gotchi at a time… It is going to be awesome Frens!!!

We could hide RESPOOK tokens around the map. This costs nothing and kills two birbs with one stone.

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There’s talk of using the eye colors and collateral colors to determine unlocking treasure chests. This would be an excellent fit for this idea if we go that route.

The basic chests could be unlockable by one combo, better ones could require multiple colors assembled, and the best ones would require serious organizational skills to unlock, and be in high danger zones to make it harder to get everyone there and alive.