Popularity Scoring

This idea is being born from feedback I have seen across the board from many other users, in their own unique ways of course.
Basically, how do we reward engagement in the blockchain without being too “pay to play”?

How do we create measures that reward anything other than that which is already the most expensive to acquire?

This is the main spirit behind kinship scoring, but there are P2P shortcomings to kinship thanks to potions and the transactability of high kinship gotchies with no penalty.

In order to address qualitative scoring of gotchies and community participants whom are engaged and vibrant beyond their purchasing power, I propose popularity scoring.
I haven’t thought of a name and it could be “external kinship” or something of the sort.

The main dynamic would be that anybody who loves your gotchi (be it because of looks or names or any behavior really) can “interact” with it (AKA pet it) in the blockchain and raise this score.

This score could be used for many useful measures of community contribution, popularity and engagement. It could be an RF category of its own, and it could be a weight towards voting power.

**EDIT: Based on feedback that this proposal is very vulnerable to BOTTING, proposing the following counter-measure:

On-chain, the popularity score resets every week. This allows for manual or forensic processing of the score, to eliminate or reduce bot impact. Also creates a testing ground to see how bots are engaging on chain with a score that harmlessly resets every week, and which impact can be manually mitigated for now. Solid R&D material.


Imagine also celebrities or influencers asking people to get on L2 to pet their gotchi and raise their popularity score!
Huuuuge way to get people on L2 and using the Matic Fountain!


Pretty creative idea, I kinda like it.


Thank you fren!

I’ve further developed this idea so that it can be used as a sort of conscious-observer-proof-of-consensus, AKA 'the grapevine" that humans already evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

Basically, as gotchies really are testing ground as proxies for identity/reliability/popularity/ etc,
we can use two scores to create a community consensus mechanism, while also generating hype and bringing people over to L2.

It would work the following way:

Popularity Score : reset weekly- Granted by ANYONE petting, even a bot can do it

Naughty Score : A separately tracked score, that doesn’t reset weekly, and provides negative weight to popularity score. A wallet needs at least one gotchi within to hit your gotchi with a naughty score (throw poop like in OG game?). If they do so, they are censoring you (their UI only) from visibility in the leaderboards. This community member simply does not like you. Score does not reset weekly- Greatly hampers ability to earn any popularity rewards

The interplay between these two scores towards a final popularity scoring, would provide for very interesting dynamics. So sure, somebody can engage in bad behavior such as botting to raise their popularity score for the week, but if they are caught botting and called out, the effects of being permanently added to other gotchie’s “naughty list” and the concurrent negative weight it carries, would be a great detractor for botting.

Benefits: Good and constructive behavior could be encouraged across the board. A new measure to create rewards categories and weighted voting power that aren’t necessarily earned by spending.

The excitement of a wildly fluctuating popularity leaderboard that resets every week, creates for very interesting dynamics, with an ever-shifting name and wearable meta. Should generate a lot more transactional friction towards bazaar fees as people speculate on what might be popular.


lol, thats hilarious I like it.


This sound awesome! Love it!




Definitely has potential.


i think badges will play a big roll in this idea, however, its too easy to sign the xp form and then leave so i definitely think we need something like this on a short-term time scale that can prove commitment over larger periods


Thank you! That’s a great example! If someone is blatantly ignoring community calls and claiming XP forms, they could get caught and given low popularity marks/badges.
I definitely have thought so too re. badges playing a role in this idea!
Another example I came across, is a seller in bazaar naming low BRS gotchies with names very similar to other gotchies or discord handles- just to try and force the sale. This is a perfect case where the behavior could be somewhat curbed with low popularity marks for this user.


Love the motivation from everyone! #gotchigang


I don’t know, all this additional framework is nice but is it necessary? I think as a general rule of thumb we should expect people to act out of self interest and abuse any system we set in place.

I’m somewhat reminded of the Social credit system but instead of the ruling class, its fatter pockets.

I agree new farming classes would be interesting however!


Thank you fren! That is definitely a good point! I don’t think it’s necessary, but pretty close to it. The one feature I really don’t want to lose out from this proposal is the ability of getting outside users interacting with gotchies and the dapp without needing anything else other than the ability to click/pet.
The other aspects/complications of the idea are born from thinking how to prevent abuse of this central proposed feature.