Alchemica sink idea + Rarity

Hello Frens,

With recent talk of the forge and reducing/stopping channeling, I thought I would weigh an idea I have to both increase alchemica spending and bazaar activity.

First, let me say Dr. Wagmi’s forge idea is a great idea and the mechanics have worked in other games. However, it was usually introduced later in the game-play and not as a beginning mechanism. Plus it is not the easiest mechanic for a novice to follow.

My idea, though similar in purpose is easier to understand. Introduce a recipe for an “enchantment scroll.” I suggest having this recipe unlock after a certain criteria, IE level an altar to 5 or something similar. This recipe would allow you to craft a scroll to add a BRS trait to any piece of armor. You could safely apply 3 scrolls to any piece of armor. However, on the 4th application, it has a 50% chance of blowing up the item. Another scroll for weapons could be used the same way.

Crafting these scrolls would have massive alchemica consumption. This consumption would help new frens a means to enter the game. Right now buying land and renting gotchi’s are a great way to get started. If you cut off the ability to channel or reduce emissions, this would de-incentivize both.

This would help increase the bazaar activity. Also by allowing certain items to “blow up” this would increase overall rarity and allow more items to be created in the future. If a fren wanted to purchase 20 Guy Fawkes mask to try and make it +7 BRS, how many (if any) would make it. This would add some crazy excitement to rarity farming.

What do you all think…

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Good stuff. I see no reason to not stack up a plethora of degen options.

I think you might run into a problem because wearables are ERC1155 I think you need to store the metadata elsewhere.