Next haunt ideas

This post is NOT about a new haunt soon or anything
just a discussion of what the next one could or should contain

Here is a list of my own ideas:

  • Different eye colors we haven’t seen yet like : Red, cyan, yellow, lime, black and light gray
  • A $GHST ghost where the spirit force gives frens at a slightly higher rate than normal.
  • Different eye shapes
  • mouth type maybe? (it would probably screw rarity scores if you add an extra modifier to add to BRS so not sure about that one.)
  • Potentially host a mini haunt with cheaper less rare gotchi types for entry level
    (as in they can participate in minigames but their rarity score is completely different, maybe a 0.5x modifier on top of a min max value setup. Not sure about the details on that one.)
  • A cosmetic only shiny type where it has a glow around it.

I’d love to hear your own ideas down below! :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:


subsequent haunts should release haunts relative to demand.
more people more portals maybe like an hour purchase window…
this will allow to grow user bandwidth to the max and also make sure we dont have massive unstoppable dilution of gotchi gang.
lil gotchi should be an equippable item slot maybe that is how you farm frens with your gotchi.
i could see like a limited number of each run recieving a rare non brs calculated trait such as tattoo, piercing, mouth shape. who doesnt like packing a rare man. also not concerned about disenfranchising orginal gotchi gang by adding future rare elements to subsequent haunts… haunt 1 is rare enough
coming from someone with 8 gotchis.
this haunt should coincide with minigame interactivity launch to allow for increased traffic with increase in app usability.
maybe minigames and shop improvements. then week of testing and maintenance then launch next haunt then to the moon aagents

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I like your proposals for making Haunt 2 special in its own way. It will spark interest in Haunt 2 and prevent people from feeling like they are too late to get in on the Gotchi action!

One of the ideas that came to my mind is that you could have a Gotchi pre-order or at least pre-registration. Basically, where you would normally buy portals, you can (in case they have all been sold) submit your pre-registration. The rules that govern this pre-registration could be voted on, but here is the gist of what I was thinking:
The Haunt will automatically start once X (e.g. 10.000 Portals, pre-registered by at least 1000 unique addresses) portal pre-registrations have been submitted. To submit your pre-registration, you would have to pay (e.g.) 50% of the Portal cost upfront (non-refundable). Once the Haunt begins, the people who pre-registred have 1 day to buy their pre-registred portal(s) for the remaining 50% of the cost. However, they may choose not to do so, or might not make it in time (that’s why 1 day is probably a good compromise). Portals that were not bought will be available to anyone the day after via the regular “Buy Portals” Menu at the regular (?) price.

Things you could vary in my proposal: You could change the upfront cost. E.g. make it more expensive, since you will be guaranteed to get your chance to buy one. Or you could make it cheaper but only spawn the Portals once 2 * X pre-registrations have been submitted and then only every 2nd pre-registred Portal will actually spawn. However, this would leave people feel left out again. So this is only a good option if Haunts are happening more regularly.

Another thing you could do is put that system on the blockchain entirely. Meaning Haunts will automatically spawn based on the number of pre-registrations. And since the pre-registrations cost GHST, people will be much less inclined to fool around with them. This would incentivise people to have their friends join, because the sooner they get to that magic number in pre-registrations, the sooner they will get their opportunity to buy a portal.

You could also add in a condition that Haunts can only spawn if the number of Portals and Gotchis together listed on the marketplace is below Y% of all Portals ever spawned. This would prevent flooding of the market (like it is still happening right now).

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I like the idea but…
there is 1 simple flaw if you can preregister
someone is going to make a bot to register 1000 preorders even if it is at a price premium :robot:
and even if you captcha it up to prevent bots
I’d certainly be one of those guys just making 20 accounts to preorder 20 portals
because i know it’s a guaranteed profit.

Instead i’ve already talked about using a minigame type sale where it takes people 1 minute to find a portal to prevent people from both botting and just using 200 accounts.
but again this will very likely result in tons of angry people that got nothing in 1 minute
Honestly next portal drop should probably have 25k ghosts to meet the demand
that should result in most people getting max 2 portals. very spread out means more value, less flipping. People are less likely to sell their ghost/portal if they only have 1 as opposed to having 25.

The minigame contract would keep score of who got what
then after all portals are found you can purchase the one you found
if you do not buy the portal within 3 days it gets put up on the bazaar instead.

also giving haunt1 ghosts a special background to appease OG’s is probably a good idea so people dont go too crazy about more ghosts entering the space at the second haunt.

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Those ideas all sound awesome. 1-3 portals per user depending on their performance in the minigame, even. Also I hope anyone voicing fears of dilution is drowned out, because it’s a game at the end of the day. We need players. Give the people their gotchis!

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