Non-Legacy Portals to receive "Unopened Penalty"

PLEASE NOTE: the following could also apply to opened portals which have not had a Gotchi claimed. Indeed, this may be a more favourable idea.

To encourage active participation in the game, and a more equal distribution, by discouraging portal owners from holding on to unopened portals in perpetuity. Future Haunts may have one of the below solutions baked into them. Haunt #1 portals would remain unaffected.

The purpose of this is to avoid a situation in which there’s a high % of unopened portals, being up for sale at artificially high prices due to the on-going NFT bubble. A situation in which Aavegotchi could do “down with the ship” when the bubble bursts if there’s not enough activity and value exchange in-game.

Solution #1:
A decaying BRS. Every 7/14/28 day period that a portal remains unopened, a reduction in the span of rarity stats may be applied to Gotchis spawned from that portal.

An example would look like this
Gotchi A spawned on day 1: has equal chance at all rarity stats as a Haunt 1 Gotchi
Gotchi B spawned on day 57: has undergone 2 BRS penalties (day 28 and 56); 2 traits (selected at random) have been capped at either 1-99 or 0-98 ranges for stats.
Of course, this would continue - eventually the caps would get closer and closer to a pre-defined handicap limit, all stats capped at 15-85 or 20-80 for example.

Solution #2:
A penalty applied only to the Rarity Farming aspect of BRS. Every 7/14/28 period accrues a -2 handicap that only applies to the BRS as it pertains to Rarity Farming rewards. The Gotchi gets to keep its base stats, but the owner will potentially earn less from it.

Solution #3:
A progressive increase in the Spirit Force required to claim a Gotchi from an unopened portal.
For example, every 24hrs incurs a +0.5% increase to the amount of Spirit Force required for the portal owner to open/claim


  • Encourages portal owners to claim their Gotchis, subsequently increasing the chances that they actually play with them or sell them to another player who will play with them
  • More players = more NEW players = network effect = more value for everyone
  • Less people will be willing to drop big $$$ to buy up multiple portals with the view of just sitting on them. This is a good way to ensure a fairer distribution without having to flood the market with portals which won’t be opened.


  • May be seen as artificially bolstering the value of Haunt 1 portals
  • A lot of care must be taken on the specifics/mechanics of any penalties, so as not to result in a glut of portals that no one wants (thus destroying the value). We want to discourage inactivity, not destroy portals

Let me know your thoughts. This is just off the top of my head. I’m sure are many consequences, both good and bad, to something like this which I’ve not thought of.

EDIT: Grammar + clarification.

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ser, let people enjoy their portals

I think most would agree that what should bring people to Aavegotchi is the game and the Gotchis. I’m trying to find a way to avoid a situation in which Aaavegotchi becomes another NFT greater-fool trading game like so many other projects.

When the NFT bubble pops, I don’t want Aavegotchi to go down with it. With a bunch of unopened portals being up for sale, we’re at risk to some degree.

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Tbh I think the incentives for opening Portals are already pretty strong. We’re currently at a 70% open rate and minigames haven’t even started.

Once more people realize that they’re missing out on huge kinship + XP gainz because they didn’t claim their Aavegotchis, that number will only rise.

If some weirdos wanna hoard Gen1 Portals for their collector’s value, I don’t see why that should be penalized :smiley:


more portals will be printed for the next haunt.
I understand your concern, but people opening the portals does not make the game more accessable to more people (as the people opening the portals would just keep the gotchies)

I think many of us can appreciate the time you took to lay out this proposal in detail.
But personally I don’t think something like this should ever be implemented. Penalizing collectors would be a pain point for a vast majority of NFT enthusiasts. It could have the opposite effect than what you’re intending.

Hi @coderdan

I think 70% so far for Haunt 1 is pretty good. This was for Haunt 2+ portals, though.

I hadn’t considered the full impact of missing out on Kinship/XP gains. Perhaps you’re right that that in itself (plus a higher ape tax) is enough incentive moving forward.

My main concern was that if Haunt 2 onwards is printing 250%+ portals (per season) relative to Haunt 1, then we may end up with a lot less than a 70% open rate.

@WhiteNiqqa69 That last sentence may give some better perspective to my concern (I’ve just seen your 2nd reply), thanks.

For sure. My biggest concern is that if it’s too much of a disincentive, then it could turn potential new players off of the game. ie. A player who was planning on buying 2 portals, to open one and hold the other.

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I agree it is realy bad that many portal still unopen

Most of the GHST rewards won’t come from squatting on portals, but from owning and interacting with Gotchis. Long term, people are incentivized with Kinship head start/XP events/Rarity Farming rewards to open portals and claim Gotchis.

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1st editions was always the most waluable things, keep it the same way, but for the future portals i think reduces must to come, like a halving for the mining, tha same thing we sould have with aavegotchis.

1 haunt 10 gotchis
2 haunt 8 gotchis
3 haunt 6 gotchis
4 haunt 5 gotchis
5 haunt 4 gotchis
6 haunt 3 gotchis

Until two gotchis per portal in the future, otherwise the market will be fludded with the nice brs gotchis every haunt.

  • Reduce the curve of rarity in gotchis 1 haaunt 4% mythical, 2 haaunt 2% mythical, 3 haaunt 1% mythical, 4 haaunt 0.75%… to 0.1%|

Like just do the math 5 haunts and 20% of the market is already all are mythical, is it the same in the real world?
20% of albinos people after a 500 years?
Nope they are always been mythical, like less then 1% of the tottal humans


If someone wants to gamble on the future value of unopened portals, i dont think they should be penalized. It would not be game theoretical optimal to hoard portals to hope they decrease in value. Let gamblers be gamblers.

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