Open invitation to the ManualLabor GotchiGang

Hello frens,

this is an open invitation for anyone to join our GotchiGang called ManualLabor, as part of the upcoming Aambassador program.

Full disclosure: We are not yet approved. But that doesn’t mean we have to sit on our butts and wait for things to happen. The ManualLabor gang makes things happen! The early bird catches the worm!

What is the ManualLabor GotchiGang about?
We are putting the “L” in “Play to earn”. We are all about manual labor. Do you have daily alarms going off, reminding you to pet your Gotchi? Then this is the right place for you! Do you want mini-games and play to earn features? We will advocate on your behalf. Do you want to climb the leaderboard using your time and hard work, instead of buying items for 10 times the initial price? Then we have a home for your fren! Together we are strong!

What do I need to join?
Nothing :slight_smile: Just do it :slight_smile:

What is in it for me?
We are planning on becoming the largest GotchiGang out there and we will advocate on your behalf. Also, as soon as we reach a GotchiGang size of 100, we will be eligible for monthly air drops of USDC.
50% of the airdropped USDC will be forwarded to our most active member of the month, who did the most outreach. The other 50% will be forwarded to a random member. As the Aambassador, I will exclude myself from any monetary rewards from the Aambassador program. Everything will be forwarded to other ManualLabor members.
Once approved, we’ll get access to Aalpha resources and guides. We will share all of those with all our members. There is no tier system in the ManualLabor GotchiGang. Every member will have access to all information.

Is there a way to get kicked out?
Yes. We expect our members to play by the rules. No cheating. No fake accounts. We have ethical standards. If a member stands accused of cheating, there will be a fair trial. If found guilty, the member in question will be kicked out of ManualLabor, with no chance to re-join.

What if the ManualLabor GotchiGang will not be approved?
We will try again. If enough people are interested in joining ManualLabor, I have no doubt, that we will be among the official Aambassador GotchiGangs soon!

Feel free to join our Discord:

See you in the realm fren!

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Lets go! count me in

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