Parcel Raffle: Method to Balance

Hello frens!
The Gotchiverse is coming soon and I am sure we all couldn’t be more excited. A vital aspect discussed has always been parcel distribution. With the decided 80% auction and 20% raffle, whales are likely to get at least majority of the auction. Whilst 20% is left to fate, hopefully for some small fish to walk away lucky but whales will also likely dominate ticket holdings.

The problem: Whales likely will dominate both drops of parcels.
Potential Solution: Limit addresses to X number of tickets input to the raffle to limit each players total potential winnings.
Potential Solution 2: Limit addresses to X number of parcel winnings in order to greater the chance there is land still available for everyone who has submitted tickets.

Both limitations would not include tickets won in shill event

I understand the importance and still wish to continue to value players who support the game, but as this is the first reaalm drop onboarding and diversity are both extremely important as well.

Thanks for consideration frens and please respond with ideas to fill in maximum limits on either potential solution, which you think is more balanced, or if this is just a bad idea!
This very well could already be implemented and I am just unaware, sorry if it is.


This is tough to regulate. If there was a limit placed on my address, I would move my FRENS-earning liquidity pool to one of my alternate addresses. This is an issue throughout decentralized products and DAOs. There are some interesting potential solutions such as quadratic voting to ameliorate whale power. A quadratic parcel raffle with non-transferrable raffle tickets would help to curb the whales’ advantage. A random snapshot could be taken the month of the quadratic raffle to limit whales’ ability to prepare separate wallets.

I absolutely agree, though, that this game is very much in danger of becoming a pay to win flex for whales. I


The partners have a guaranteed spot on the citadel. Should aambassadors which gualify for a certain limit of user receive a parcel also, as an guild house?

Yea you are right it would definitely remove incentive to stake for frens.
I figured this idea would have too many aspects to implement but at least the ideas out there!