Plant Trees in the Gochiverse and save the planet?

I love the Gochiverse and cannot wait for the full citadel release where I am able to deck my parcels out with an Aaltar, Lodge and some Haarvesters and Resevoirs. But there is something missing in the Gochiverse…something green.

I would love the ability to plant TREES or other fauna to decorate my parcel more. But why stop at just decorative NFTs? This is blockchain after all where we are pushing the limits of innovation.

KlimaDAO, a fellow Polygon project, is centered around the tokenized “carbon” market. To simplify a complicated subject:

  1. Projects do good things for the environment (plant trees, forest preservation, alternative power, etc) and are issued off-chain verifiable “carbon credits” proportionate to their positive impact off-chain.

(Companies and individuals typically will estimate their own carbon footprint and purchase these credits off-chain in an amount that “offsets” their footprint for a net zero or negative impact. Governments and regulatory agencies are started to require this)

  1. Carbon credits are bridged to Polygon (there are several of these bridges) as NFTs with metadata on the project and methodology. They are then categorized (by project type) and put into fungible token “pools” that are backed 1:1 and can be redeemed back to the NFTs (Ex. BCT,NCT,UBO,NBO)

  2. KlimaDAO absorbs these assets into its treasury through bonds and seeks to act an a kind of index for the different types of on-chain carbon assets. 1 KLIMA is always equal to at least 1,000 Tonnes of carbon or more.

  3. KlimaDAO also offers a service for manual/automated retirement aggregator for individuals, companies, blockchains to offset their own footprints ON-CHAIN. With verifiable proof. (Ex. See

Now back to Aavegotchi and the Gochiverse! (Mabye you see where I am going with this). KlimaDAO has already been experimenting with embedding KLIMA into NFTs for projects to sell NFTs with an integrated carbon offset that grows with the KLIMA treasury.

Could we not do something like this in the Gochiverse?

My idea is that we could have TREEZ in the Gotchiverse that are planted with KLIMA and could actually grow by feeding it more KLIMA. This would let us have cool looking trees in the Gochiverse with an actual carbon asset backing it that is essentially taken off the market. It lets us have a new piece of flair to show off on our parcels but also by integrating KLIMA into it, we can help to raise the overall carbon floor for a net positive effect on the real world!

TLDR: Lets make it so you can plant and grow trees in the Gochiverse that help drive up the cost of pollution and deforestation in the real world. Our games can help make it so our kids have a healthy planet in the future!


One of largest sources of FUD and threats of regulation comes from the excessive energy use of crypto. However, I believe crypto will be early adopters of advanced offsetting solutions such as Klima. There is so much money in the cryptoverse, if just a small portion of that is diverted to funding sustainability projects (through the retirement of carbon credits for example), crypto has the opportunity to make giant environmental impacts.

Please take the time to read up on Klima and our mission, and feel free to stop in our discord to ask questions. KlimaDAO


I LOVE this idea. Obviously, the first batch should be golden trees. Can we fast track this? It’s another great alchemica sink, it’s GREAT optics, and you know someone out there is going to want to throw golden tiles down with trees around them, and a golden altar in the middle, and that’s not only a lot of trees, that’s a lot of good paying jobs in places they are needed.

Make the proposition be that we release golden trees during the play drop, and there will be plain trees later, and this will be a massive success. If they can be designed so they can be placed on the corners of a golden tile… huge win.


Wow this is certainly an interesting idea, I briefly read about KlimaDAO awhile back and was intrigued.


This is decentralized carbon mining by gotchis.

We should have it set up where when you plant the golden tree, that gotchi is featured on the front page, going to work collecting carbon, or mining it, whichever is easier to fit into the landing page. Have it take the gotchi at least an hour, to do it, so they are on the front page for an hour, and it will essentially show how many TREEZ were planted in that hour.

The animation could be something like… the gotchi plants a tree, and then goes and picks up carbon until it gets as many carbon as we are charging in alch to mint the TREEZ.

The way this would play out is, gotchi plants tree in random location, then it makes a bee line for any carbon that spawns. The trees can be reflectors/bumpers, so the gotchis will mostly bounce around and be super entertaining. The more gotchis you add, the more trees there are, and the longer this will take. It probably needs to be very zoomed out.

In the beginning, there will be a blank gotchiverse, and one gotchi, and one tree, and it will go away very quickly, because nothing will get in its way.

Then, as people add trees(make them only be at one specific coordinate, because there will be hundreds if not thousands) it will become more congested and gotchis will be pinballing arouind for as long time before they collect enough carbon.

I believe that if we do this, people will be buying them just to see their gotchi on the main page, saving the planet.

The positive feedback loop on this would be massive, as it’s both an ingenious bit of marketing and community building, with a puppybowl type vibe, as well.

We have a strong community of game designers now, so the front page animation could be community sourced. I have full faith that someone would be able to pull it off in under a week.

Offer the Golden TREEZ for 300/150/75/5. Make them smol, so you can put 16 on a tile.

This is something the players could afford to invest in, and they are infinitely valuable after the playdrop.

This mechanism will cause the players to buy a lot of these, instead of selling the alchemica for ghst, to extract value.

Instead of extracting value, they will be adding value, in four ways.

  1. by taking alchemica off the market, they increase the value of all of the alchemica that anyone has saved or will collect.
  2. They are crafting a valuable resource that will be a prized possession for someone later.
  3. They will have an item that the longer they hold it, the more it is worth, for the entire time this game exists.
  4. This is decentralized anonymous do-goodery.
  5. The front page gotchi animations will be the best promo and entertainment and viral AF.
  6. Some Aarchitech will win a bounty(yeah, just slidin that in)
  7. SRSLY, the price of alch will skyrocket.

We allow shilling threads here now?

Hardly an original idea. Vulcanverse with partnership with Coorest is already doing this, real tree planted when you buy an NFT that is a tree in their Verse.


What’s the best way to do it.

The basic concept is what is sound.

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This mechanism can be direct to tokenized carbon offsets. If the aavegotchi community isnt interested in Klima token exposure directly we will help facilitate retirement of tokenized offsets directly. These could be high quality nature offsets such as MCO2, NBO, or NCT that fund meaningful environmental impacts. Klima is mearly the most most liquid token between all these tokenized carbon offsets and can be staked to compound offsetting potential. For example you could offset MCO2 directly, or you could develop a stack of sKlima and use 1/3 of the reward emissions to perpetually offset MCO2. This way you still compound offsetting potential while continuously offsetting.


I’ve never rabbitholed this idea before… is there some some sort of industry rating system or a place to compare options?

The idea of planting trees in gotchiverse, to pay people to plant actually trees, is what I find most exciting as a concept. The most direct way to put money in the pockets of workers that are doing this work, is what would be ideal, IMHO.

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Love the idea of earning an NFT through an action that would benefit the climate and environment!

Klima is one option, but you can offset using BCT, MC02, etc. <3


I think this org is pretty killer as a choice because of the Phillipines connection. Imagine you are from Phillipines, and you are crafting these trees, that pay someone else in your country to go plant a tree.

This is such an amazing feedback loop of goodness that I just can’t even…

This could be the ultimate alchemica sink and do a LOT of good.


Would love for you to stop by our Discord! Right now there are several different tokenized offsets on Polygon, but they generally fall into 2 categories:

  • ‘Universal’ or ‘Basic’ Carbon Tons - Floor level credits, cheapest on the market. Lots of renewable energy projects. By buying the the supply of these credits we raise the floor price of the offset market, making it more and more expensive for companies to ‘greenwash’ via ultra cheap credits. Currently there is BCT (offered by Toucan Protocol) and NBO (offered by C3). These trade $3-$5/ton on chain.
  • ‘Nature-based’ Carbon Tons - These are higher quality credits that drive more environmentally impactful projects. They focus on protecting, managing and restoring forests, wetlands and other ecosystems. Currently there is MCO2 (Moss Protocol), NCT (Toucan Protocol), and NBO (C3 Protocol), these trade $7-$11/ton on chain.

There are other categories of offsets that are not yet tokenized (at least on Polygon):

  • ‘Blue’ Carbon Tons - Created by the growth and conservation of carbon-absorbing plants, such as mangrove forests and their associated marine habitat. These credits are very expensive (I’ve seen ~$50/ton).
  • ‘Carbon Sequestration’ Carbon Tons - Created by sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere. These are the top tier credits and are extremely expensive ($120/to).

I think it would make most sense for aavegotchi to offset using high quality nature based tokens. Just to be clear, I am a contributor to Klima DAO. It would be great to have a partnership with this community, start a comarketing campaign, and to have aavegotchi buy klima, stake it, and use it to perpetually offset.

But more importantly, we want to push the entirety of crypto to use tokenized carbon offsets. If that means going direct to tokenized carbon credits and offsetting them (vs buying/staking klima to perpetually offset), thats fine with us! Klima’s mission is to be the most liquid token between all forms of tokenized offsets, be a market maker providing long term liquidity for the ecosystem, and to drive demand for tokenized offsets.

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Wasn’t meant to come across that way. Its an idea and concept that I think if executed right could be huge for crypto, gaming, and the real world.

Love reading the feedback everyone. Just to be clear, it doesn’t HAVE to be KLIMA that is used. Its just that since their goal is to be an index token with multiple kinds of carbon assets in the treasury, it seemed like the path of least resistance.

They also have a retirement aggregator that will automatically burn credits. So you could do something like feeding the TREEZ 1 KLIMA, which would be auto-staked and generate yields (in KLIMA) held by the NFT. It could use KlimaDAO’s retirement aggregator to automatically swap that yielded KLIMA to carbon credit tokens (BCT,NCT,MCO2,UBO,NBO for example) and burn. This would make it so the TREEZ NFT is not just offsetting once, but CONTINOUSLY offsetting and burning carbon.

Whichever way we decide to do it I think that the basic points should be:

  • Craft TREEZ using Gochiverse Alchemica (Alchemica sink)
  • TREEZ are always instant craft (public good so why make them wait)
  • TREEZ can be fed KLIMA (for continuous retirement/offsetting) or Tokenized Carbon (BCT,NCT,MCO2,UBO,NBO) for a static offset
  • TREEZ keep a record of how much total Carbon has been offset within them
  • TREEZ can be placed on a Gochiverse parcel and visually “grow” and “change” depending on how much carbon they have burned
  • Parcel owners with the “tallest” (most carbon burned) TREEZ should be featured in some hall of fame, leaderboard, with mabye rewards

I like this approach rather than directly subsidizing tree planting because we are encouraging an inflation on the price of carbon assets and the use of blockchain for carbon trading. The credits might be tied to projects that are already concluded but by raising the FLOOR on these tokens we will be raising the incentive for persons and companies to do such projects. I personally feel like incentivizing more public good is the best way to move the needle rather than just planting them ourselves (although we could do this to)

If we really want to be specific we could only accept retirement of MCO2,NCT,NBO tokenized carbon offsets because like it was mentioned above these are SPECIFICALLY tokenized carbon credits for projects planting trees and protecting against deforestation. KlimaDAO’s aggregator would also allow us to make it so TREEZ specifically put their continuous offsetting into these carbon assets if we went that way.

(I’m just an ideas man btw, we we need some builders :))


Also, 1 KLIMA = 1 Tonnes of Carbon always. It wont let me modify the original post. Sorry frens :slight_smile:

I’m also a Klima contributor but a ardent supporter and user of Aavegotchi. I think the cross promotion that can be achieved with this is great for both protocols. Think of the audience in Klima and ReFi this would capture. Not only would Aavegotchi be doing a virtuous thing, Aavegotchi would gain exposure and credibility with a large, fervent community.

Klima is a currency that can be exchanged for carbon credits in pools with deep liquidity! The more I think about this, the more I like it!

Being a long term Aavegotchi and KlimaDAO enthusiast I love the idea of carbon credit backed trees in the gotchiverse. As @coderdan mentioned in yesterdays hangout we need cosmetic items for a long term sustainable economy in our gotchiverse. I think trees would be perfect for this. They could give the parcels a nice visual flair and be an alchemica sink.

Maybe it´s technically possible to combine the spirit force mechanism used when summoning a gotchi with the minting of trees. But instead of aTokens we use sKLIMA, the rebasing token of KlimaDAO which is backed by at least one carbon credit. And as the amount of sKLIMA grows over time maybe the tree can grow as well in the gotchiverse.


Here’s another interesting idea: different trees for different underlying carbon offsets! An mc02 tree can look different than a BCT tree! Poggy woggy!


This is such a great idea! Making trees grow by hitting x then y then z amounts of sklima would be so cool, trees could be grown be depositing sklima or by naturally growing from rebases. I would, without a doubt, become a more involved member of the gochiverse if this were implemented.

I have a more robust version of the TREEZ NFT in mind…

  1. It’s an ERC721 that accepts carbon tokens as TREEFORCE
  2. Instead of using the RNG to determine the base stats, you plant one by using one full pocket of alchemica, any mix. The mix you give it determines its starting size(this is based purely on the value of the alchemica at time of creation, and represents how much your actual donation was) and also determines how it looks. You can map girth, tallness, branchyness, and leafyness, to each type of alchemica, and this will make each tree unique.
  3. Gold TREEZ during playdrop only(this will burn SO much alchemica and they will be very very very prized)
  4. TREEZ can only be crafted in game, but can be sold on market, like a gotchi. They are unique, so it would be same type of listing as gotchis.
  5. To fertilize your TREEZ, you stake carbon tokens in them. As those tokens mature, you start to see flowers. Different tokens get you different flowers. Once there is enough yield in the token to pull it and profit, your tree bears a fruit.
  6. You can take the fruit, and either get more carbon token with it so you can get more fruit so you can get more carbon token, sell it, or plant it. If you plant the fruit, it creates another TREEZ, that has the same genetics as the one it came from. This will make it so you can create whole groves of trees that match, and are unique, as well as giving you a tier two item.
  7. The initial donation should be to a group that directly pays people to plant trees. We can establish a partnership and get lots of publicity from this, and there is a high potential for this going viral. In addition, if we target this to plant trees in the Philippines or any other country we have lots of players in, we’d be helping our player base help their own country, help the planet, and extend the economic boost we are giving, to people who are working the land in real life.
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