Plant Trees in the Gochiverse and save the planet?

I think we should keep the conceptual and technical side as simple as possible. Your ideas sound like they would need a lot of Dev resources, but I am no expert on that.


Simplicity would definitely be best for a quick deployment on the concept, but it could also just be a start. There could be a whole product line that could stem off from this concept.

I think as a first step/product simple NFT TREEZ could be doable with the a “treeforce” that is a single direction deposit of a nature-based carbon asset (MCO2,NCT,NBO) to feed (unable to be withdrawn) would be good. Since we already have these tokenized carbon assets on chain and available. Pumping them through gamification would encourage some public good off-chain and more people to plant trees and help the environment worldwide (to be issued credits and bring them on-chain).

Then we could have it change and scale height based on that or some other other graphical goody for feeding lots of tokenized. We could explore the KLIMA feeding option for continuous offsetting of carbon too if its easily doable with KlimaDAOs retirement aggregator.

Seems like it would just be a slight modification to the Gotchi NFTs but im not a dev :slight_smile:

It sounds like an interesting idea, that fits the way Aavegotchi uses and references other parts of the crypto/DeFi ecosystem.

I’d imagine at this point the devs have a very full backlog of already-planned items to get working, as well as ongoing support and updates to the gotchiverse.

So my feeling would not be to try to fast-track a minimum viable implementation - if the DAO thinks this idea is worth pursuing then we might be able to do more with it later.

We have a whole Forest of FUD in the grid, and very little info has been released on that yet. There are lots of tree-related gameplay/storyline/flavour possibilities there. Perhaps the different areas of the Grid might have different DeFi associations :slight_smile:


Definitely! Just wanted to gauge interest. There is a lot of potential here especially once we get to the point where we want to put in decorative NFTs.

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I think this is a great idea and should be pursued.


Definitely a cool idea and something we are open to exploring in the Gotchiverse.

We do have a very significant backlog with many features that have already been announced to the community, including Parcel gameplay, Gotchi Lodges, Guild Channeling, Aarena, the Grid, Great Battles, etc.

So if there is a low-medium effort win where we could incorporate ERC1155 trees somehow on a player’s parcel or even placed throughout the game, that would be pretty neat.

Let’s keep this thread going and keep iterating on ideas until the full Citaadel release is live, so everyone has a better understanding of the gameplay and what’s possible to achieve in the Gotchiverse.


An integration with could be easy and beautiful.

They even have ghosts as one of the traits. A sample of basic trees:

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1 Tree Planted in the Gotchiverse = 1 Tree Planted in Real Life. Aavegotchi helps to save the planet one on-chain tree at at time

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Sounds great for marketing but we can do better fren!

1 Tree in real life is estimated to absorb 0.024 Tons of Carbon/Year (40 Years for 1 Ton total). So we should definitely go for more than 1 Tree planted in real life :slight_smile:

Each MCO2/TOKEN/NBO represents a credit for 1 Ton of Carbon offset. So each tree could be able to represent 40 trees planted in real life at minimum!

Then it could scale per tokenized carbon fed to the tree! 40 Tree, 80 Trees!!! SO MANY TREES!

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I remember this project but I think it was about just generative trees and there wasnt anything positive for the environment actually right? Would be cool if we could leverage the art though

This is from their metaverse FAQ:

Is Eden carbon-negative? Absolutely! We will continue to partner with Offsetra (& potentially others) in order to offset all our mints and operating footprints by donating and supporting reforestation projects in Central America, the Amazon, and more. In addition, we’ll offer you the option to directly offset your own emissions or donate through Project Eden, with 100% of the proceeds going to Offsetra, which will earn you special badges within the metaverse!

So looks like a low to maybe medium level of commitment.

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Thanks for the reply! Indeed we have a lot coming so I agree that nothing too elaborate just yet. Mabye something basic yet expandable in the future?

Simplest concept for Phase 1 would be:

  1. Tree sapling crafted with Alchemica
  2. Need to add at least 1 MCO2/NCT/NBO “Tree Force” for it to be placed in Gochiverse
    (or we could just go the 1 sKLIMA method since its always at least 1 Ton of Carbon and is always appreciating similar to the AAVE tokens)
  3. Treeforce should be 1 way, unable to be taken out. Equal to an offset since the credit is now offmarket. Trees could be tradable on our bazaar for GHST with this credit value in mind.
  4. Trees are fixed size 2x2 and can be placed on owned parcel/panel
  5. Some cute information UI when you click a tree to see how much carbon it has absorbed, mabye measured in real life trees or aged based on the metric (Carbon Tons Absorbed) / 0.024 (IRL Tree Carbon Absorbtion per year).

Phase 2
6. We can add the ability to feed the tree more carbon
7. Add graphical changes and other flair as the tree absorbs more carbon

What do you think?

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Im going to build the thing i described, whether it gets used in verse or not. It will be built to fit in if the team allows it, otherwise it will just be a dapp and fancy nfts. Good use of PTO, regardless.

Im open to collaboration, already have Bin Laggin on the art. Will start on Friday night.


Nice bro, glad to see the passion. Do share the results :slight_smile:

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Boom. Temped to just call in sick today, but it’s halfway through the day.

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Contacted Trees For The Future. They accept crypto directly and its not just trees, they help peopleplant food forests, so its feeding people and saving the planet AND gouging corporationsfor polluting. Just need to sort out best way to send it and thats wrapped up. Im thinking do USDC as the donation part, stake on AAVE, have contract rigged to send it when the yield is enough to cover the bridge and the gas, as donations are mainnet. That covers the mint donation end. :heart_eyes:

Researched the stakable tokens a bit… looked into grants, forgot do do my actual job. :wink: Guess Ill be doing expense reports afterhours :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t the variable on this how much gas you spent?

I thought KLIMA was an Olympus DAO Fork. Hasn’t OHM and a bunch of these Olympus DAO forks like Wonderland tanked in price?

Yeah, I dig the idea and we can absolutely do charitable projects and fundraise. So much possibility. But the concept for TREEZ was meant to incorporate the retirement (or locking) of carbon assets within Gochiverse placeable NFT trees since the whole point of tokenized carbon is that it cuts out middlemen like this so you know the money is absolutely going to flow to projects doing public good.

The goal is to promote people taking ownership of their own carbon footprints by buying tokenized carbon on-chain and locking it up in an NFT.

It is a positive feedback loop this way because projects doing public good by mass planting trees and protecting forests will be able to make a decent living, especially in underprivileged countries. Right now they are being underpaid by middlemen and being taking advantage of terribly.

Through incorporating verified on-chain carbon credits we raise the off-chain price as well and not only make it more profitable for existing projects but encourage new ones too.

Yes total gas spent determines the starting size of your tree. It started as a kind of a joke I think, but also it’s meant to raise awareness of the cost of using the network, and then they have developed a little more into environmental stuff like carbon offsetting, but as I say above it does not seem highly important to them.