Polydoge partnership for Raffle #5

Hello Frens,

I believe their is strong value for us to potentially partner with Polydoge and the best way to kickstart this would be to have a few exclusive Polydoge wearables in Raffle #5. The wearables I am thinking of are some Polydoge Shades and a Polydoge Pet:

I have spoken with their Core team and they are interested in such a partnership. In return they would help promote Aavegotchi to their community and on social media and might have their NFT artist contribute to designing these.

If you don’t know polydoge you will find a brief summary of the project below :

  • PolyDoge is a digital currency with one of the most vibrant communities on Polygon (with 7000+ active members and 22000 hodlers, large social media activity and many thematic events)
  • They are looking to innovated on the NFT side as well by providing various NFT sets to Polydoge holders (5 collections so far and many more planed). The team has many artists and NFT developers
  • They are expanding in the gaming and esport industry ( esports partnership planned)
  • They have a large team of well known influencers :Shira Lazar/Bart Baker/Gerald Smiley and more to come
  • They have become a defi staple and their coin is being offered as SAS or LP on many farms (Polycat / Polyeld /Polypulsar/Adamant …)
  • They have a charity branch with a dedicated fund to support impact projects

Project Website : https://www.polydoge.com/

One of their NFTs : PolyDoge X Polycat Marketplace on OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets

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PolyDoge seems like a scammy dog token to me. Might hurt Aavegotchi’s reputation partnering with PolyDoge.


I can understand from the outside this might be how it can be perceived because of Doge in the name but I can assure you it s far from that. They are actualy really looking to build a very strong community driven project. The team had a voice townhall and an ama on telegram I would recommend you read them when they are published on medium.

I hold a little polydoge myself for fun, but I do not think it’s a good fit for Aavegotchi partnership. I think a partnership would not be fairly weighted in terms of providing a meaningful ROI for Aavegotchi for the risk of partnering with a meme coin this early on.


It might feel onesided at first though I don’t think it is. Let me try to breakdown why :

  • They have 7000+ active members a 25000+ holders (latest number). Converting 5 % of that in new aavegotchi users has tremendous value as it expends the community, brings new money in and stimulates our ecoystem.
  • Polydoge would be willing to help with the design of these wearables so very little cost/effort from the aavegotchi side
  • We suffer from a huge lack of visibility and are a bit closed on oursefleves as a community. For our ecosystem to grow we need to have more people involved. When you look at our discord, telegram or this thread we lack engagement. I highly recommend you spend some time on the Polydoge telegram to see the difference. Also the social media aspect is highly critical from an outreach perspective and I believe we can learn and leverage what has been done by Polydoge. This will be even more critical with haunt 2 and Realm.

I always like to look at other projects for inspiration and Axie is a great example of how to do both : engage the external world and build a great game. I feel like having partners like polydoge strengthen the bridge to the external world will help us grow and hopefully replicate the success of Axie.

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I agree with this - I don’t think it’s a downside to partner with a fun project that basically has no way to rugpull (fair launch, wallet distribution very spread out).

We all know the level of marketing and visibility doge-based memecoins are capable of, and I don’t see why this would be such brand-damaging “partnership”.

Partnering with dinoswap is similar and frankly more risky as we don’t know what’s going on with them behind the curtain. While that partnership benefits our need for liquidity, a polydoge partnership (or even just "collaboration) is an inexpensive way to grow some more social awareness for aavegotchi.


What would be the downside of doing this ?
If we get free PR, attract possible new users to the game and get some awesome wearables, im all for it.
Even if some event would happen to polydoge i dont see how that would negatively effect aavegotchi, all we have done is effectively made some wearables for people to win / buy.

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The downside, to play devil’s advocate, is that the Polydoge brand is or could become something that is a black spot on Aavegotchi’s brand.

But I don’t think we are “above” supporting memecoins. We partnered with Lil Pump for the wearables, and he could be considered a controversial character himself. If the argument for not partnering with Polydoge is that we could lose credibility, I don’t see it.

If the argument is that partnering with a “random shitcoin” is not healthy, I can acknowledge that at present the Polydoge marketcap has fallen to $9million, from its high of something like $70m, following along the fall of Doge’s price action. However, this is how many doge-based memecoins perform, and if there’s a recovery within this part of the crypto space, the type of price movement these coins do can be breathtaking.

Polydoge has a vibrant community right now even given the negative price action - exploring yield farms & staking, NFT drops regularly, and games that use Polydoge. While just a fair-launch project that is making things up as they go along (unlike the well-funded, well-thought out Aavegotchi), they do have similarities. What these memecoins lack in funding & structure they make up for in guerrilla marketing - something that some might feel is controversial but is pretty standard in my opinion.


Late to the party but would like to revive this conversation started by @GIVN-Eliodon. I too initially have apprehensions about super meme heavy tokens, and the “Buy Polydoge” deposits in my wallet were annoying too.

That said, and I could be wrong, Polydoge does seem to have a deeper, healthier community than most of the “poly-mammal” farms. I’m reading the projects various posts and digging more.

If anyone has more advice or introductions to the team, I think it’s a fun brand that may or may not be a good fit to collaborate with on something light hearted.


While I hold a little bit of polydoge, their use of spam NFTs was extremely annoying to me. Also, I initially bought because they were promising airdrops to liquidity providers in Telegram to the Polydoge pool of Polycat.finance.

This never happened as far as I know. They seem to also be consistently paying c-list celebrities to pump their token through videos.

While I hope it goes to the moon, I feel aavegotchi could do better. Maybe a single $doge wearable pet (O.G. Dogecoin) would be hypppe.

Best wishes for all dog tokens


My first reaction is no way. I’ve traded a number of these doge coins which all have “strong communities” and “different” visions than the others. In the end, from my perspective, they’re all shitcoins. To be honest, I haven’t looked into this particular project and I’m going in with my own bias.

It could potentially be a stain to aavegotchi name if we begin partnering with random projects that don’t align. Or if the polydoge goes the way of every other doge coin and that is one big pump followed by a slow bleeding death.

However, I DO believe a little DOGE pet would be sooooo cute and everyone would want to have 10. And based on that alone, I feel it may deserve looking into a bit more lolol :wink:


Having the doge dog as a wearable pet makes a lot of sense as it’s a popular meme in crytpo. I would really hate to see people to get into aavegotchi and see promotional materials in the form of polydoge wearables then invest in polydoge and lose their money on a shitcoin.


I can look into this more. I do agree that there is a level of immaturity and chaos that the Polydoge community has within it, but I expect this to develop in an analogous way to Shiba Inu’s explorations. They have already been experimenting with rewarding Polydoge tokens for gameplay (Quake was their first trial), and if they go the route of trying to capture the crypto-gaming market, the network effect can potentially catch fire.

The polydoge market cap moved down to as low as $3million before a big pump today, and if the relational metric of Shiba Inu’s half-year “accumulation phase”-before-giga-pump is a theory for Polydoge price potential, there is a lot of upside financially. That said, I do agree that certain parts of this project might not yet be ready for risking Aavegotchi’s brand. At least dinoswap had big backers and a legitimate road-map.

I feel now it’s something to keep in the back pocket, and perhaps wait to see if Polydoge can move into a higher market cap that would allow them the funding to take a longer-term look at their brand. If they demonstrate a real likelihood to become the next $SHIB and we have another doge szn, doing something like a wearable drop could be symbiotic here.