Potions and duplicate proposals

Hi there,

I just saw this proposal:
"Potions or not Potions ? #QmYmns7"

Which is a duplicate of a proposal that already passed:
"should be no more kinship and XP potions? #QmUpRat"

I don’t think there should be duplicate proposals on the same “level”. As far as I understand, after a community proposal passed, it is up the devs to create a core proposal, right?

And on the topic of potions, I’d like to point out that some have suggested putting potions into raffles (as an alternative to simply stop minting new potions). In my opinion that is a very bad idea. People with > 10k (or even > 100k) GHST farm so much more FREN than the average player that they will end up getting most of the potions. So they would be the same people that could easily afford those potions in the bazaar right now. Just that with the raffle system, they wouldn’t even need to spend any of their GHST on them. They’d simply end up getting the most of them for having so much skin in the game.

So please get this notion out of your heads that the raffle is somehow fair or balanced. It’s a nice little mechanic, but it is not at all suited for balancing.