Proposal: Open a Traveling Cart Selling Wearables

Hi frens,

I recently saw a proposal on Snapshot regarding releasing the wearables at a different time to the launch. I think this is a great idea and I had some ideas on how to carry this a bit further and make the game even more enjoyable and give reason for more interaction.

What if instead of a mall where all of the items dropped at once we had a traveling cart (thinking of Stardew Valley here) which would arrive twice per week and sell a random amount of each season’s wares? The mechanics would look something like this:

Twice weekly traveling cart.
ex: The cart would arrive every Tuesday and Saturday at 12:00 and 0:00 UTC respectively.

The exact moment of the cart’s arrival would be random within the hour, and there would be an announcement made in Discord saying the cart is arriving into the station in 5 minutes.

The stock of the cart would be random. The quantity of each item remains the same, but you don’t have the full1000, 500, 250 etc all at once but instead 148, 53, and 21 (TBD by LINK random number). The total count wouldn’t actually change but instead be spread out across multiple cart arrivals. The godlikes and mythicals would seem even rarer as you don’t know when they would arrive.

The actual nitty gritty of the mechanics could be ironed out, but the overall idea would create a smoother game flow. Rather than so much intensity all at once during the haunt, you have reason to come back time and time again.

This would reward the players more who want to actually play the game.

It would also give new arrivals something to do rather than stare at a bunch of emptiness across the space.

It would create a more dynamic bazaar too as even some of the uncommon/rare items could first arrive with a very limited stock. Players who really want the items NOW would pay the premium.

It would prevent whales from mass-buying everything only to flip on bazaar. If they want to buy the items, they gotta play and check the carts when they arrive.

I don’t know if it’s already implemented, but I also suggest limiting the number of each item you can buy in a tx. Don’t need one person buying 100 of something in one go.

There’s a lot to explore here on how to make the item dispersement more “game-like” and less token-launch like. Let’s have a discussion and unpack this more.


I like it! At the very least, it would be nice to have at least some wearables/potions on sale separately from haunts (although it could be argued that it created an interesting game theory for those trying to divide their attention between the haunt and the maall…and those who missed out on the haunt had the chance to pivot quickly to make smart purchases with their GHST while everyone else was busy opening their portals)

But the traveling cart idea is fun too. Kinda reminds me of Beedle in the Zelda games.


That’s a pretty cool idea. Could maybe reserve some items in the future for that and only sell like 190/200 in the maall at launch.


Sounds good!
It could even just be a standard way to get more consumables into the game. :smiley:


I voted no on the proposal but now that I understand the potential ill say yep, this sounds fun.

yeah :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking of ways to make the game more ‘game-like.’ While there is more competition during the haunt to buy everything, I think ultimately we need a smoother experience.


That could work too. We could even break the items up into the mall, the cart, and some could be prizes for competitions, which would reward the play-to-pay aspect.

I agree :slight_smile:
We also could roll out new items whenever we pleased, rather than needing a huge block of them to release with each haunt. More variety and more things to look forward to between hautns and before the realm

I love the idea. Similar in spirit to pacing the wearables, portals, items instead of dumping them all in one go for everyone to buy at once. Also a method for reserving items without turning it into another Black Friday event like the Haunt 1 premiere would be nice, again without the presale/reserving method turning itself into a Black Friday event.

Yet another great idea that sees no attention. This is getting ridiculous, we’ll end up having to pay people to advertise our threads in the Discord, Telegram and even market them. Speaking of marketing, we need a lot of it.

It’s difficult to keep track of the ideas that are constantly popping up in the space. @coderdan had already taken note of the idea so I assume it has made some sort of placement within a higher level of ideas? One of the biggest problems with crypto is we want everything RIGHT NOW. Quality games take months, years to build. I believe it’s unrealistic for all the ideas to be instantly adopted.

On that, I do believe the traveling cart is a fantastic idea and gives more playability to the game and allows for the wearables to be spread out across many weeks/months. Heck, there could even be a diminishing distribution across six months where the final few items pop up many months later at the original selling price. This could really benefit smaller players as they could snag up a legendary for retail and flip it for 2-3x gains.

It would also add a bit more stability to the token (not that it’s not already stable) as players would want to keep a reserve of GHST on hand for each cart appearance, rather than stock up before the launch, buy everything they want, and then dump the remainder.

As this topic has gotten positive feedback both here and Discord, I think it’s worth it for me to create a signal proposal in Snapshot.


This proposal now has a signal proposal:
Please go vote!

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