Proposal to Add Realm Aadventures for earning XP

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TL;DR: Add Realm Aadventures to the Aavegotchi ecosystem. They are like in-game quests found in MMORPGs. The max XP rewarded via Realm Aadventures in this proposal is 100XP per Aavegotchi.

All players should have the opportunity to experience and play to earn some XP. For the upcoming Realm this should be done via Realm Aadventures and Realm Tutorial Adventures.

XP should be rewarded to players for players who complete Realm Tutorial Aadventures and ordinary Realm Aadventures. The purpose of the Realm Tutorial Aadventure is to engage and learn how to interact with the Aavegotchi Realm.

A Realm Aadventure are metaverse adventures, commonly known in video games as in-game quests. Players are to be guided by a mix of non-playable characters, playable characters, prompts, Web3 tools, video game assets for an immersive experience. The activities and objectives of each Aadventure will vary, but they should be like other metaverses and video game MMORPGs and RPGs. An example is completing a dungeon, creating a potion, or using the chatbox for the first time. Aadventures completion history are to be stored with the Aavegotchi.

Realm Tutorial Aadventures should be longer lasting with the intention of teaching mechanics of Aavegotchi ecosystem and the realm. Ordinary Aadventures can be short, longer lasting, or seasonal. They are differentiated from Tutorial Aadventures because they guide users/players into participating in the storyline, spending time in the realm, and/or community building.

XP should be rewarded through Realm Aadventures or Realm Tutorial Aadventures via this proposal should total no more than 100 XP per Aavegotchi. No individual Aadventure via this proposal may reward Aavegotchis with more than 10 XP.

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  "msg": "If the proposal succeeds, then award my address's highest base BRS gotchi with the XP. I learned of the template after posting the proposal. I copied the format from other legible proposals. I hope we can discuss the proposal for XP in the Realm, in aaa's post.",
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