Rewards for Aavegotchi Pacman?

Many of us have played Aavegotchi Pacman and have loved seeing our fren portray that of a legendary character in gaming. Some of us wish to see the work put in by our fren pay off. Others, may be new and want to see their fren actively produce something. It is an awesome game and could be the first to produce for our frens! Respect to the developer daleharvey!


Since this is the first minigame ever created, I think it’s worth at least a one-time XP airdrop for all those on the leaderboard!


That’s pretty nice game) Of course i hope there will be more different maps for different lvls.

As for XP drop… i think it is logical and fair to gain a small amount of XP for every game. Or better for every completed lvl to prevent bots just pressing N. And of course it is fair to give some bigger prizes for top 25% of leaderboard. May be even some ghst for top 20 places.

Every early adopter and active player deserve a reward, but most of them have real life and won’t be able to compete for the top of leaderboard


Great ideas. Maybe there could be level tiers at which you earn xp to keep it more scarce.
At some point mini-games have to incorporate at this level, IMO.

As it is the first minigame, lucrative rewards could play a massive impact on the future of mini games. If the rewards drag a lot of attention then the developer will see a lot of traffic and that developer along with others will feel more compelled to keep developing for Aavegotchi. It also works as a trojan horse to onboard individuals who don’t yet see Aavegotchi in a play to earn light.


RP is really nice and fun! It’s a great pre-season demonstration for how the community can interact properly with the game and (potentially) earn rewards!


Omg, bots, rly? I was ably to save my day getting all my gotchis through 10k? Omg, my dummy. T_T