Quest Idea [first draft - co-operative quests using 'scrolls']

I wanted to share this as an idea which came to mind in the last few days and get feedback and see if there may be any interest from the community or, just sharing in case we could use any of these features for seperate projects.

Quests would be a relatively simple, first implementation of co-operative gameplay in the Gotchiverse.

Quests become available to holders of Scrolls, which would be an asset class in its own right, which would be distributed on an ongoing basis. This can be through random drops throughout the verse, competitions, events, auctions, etc.

Scrolls are randomised and there are different rarities. The scroll could be in an ‘unopened’ state initially, and upon opening the scroll, the mission and traits are randomly generated. (like opening a portal, but may or may not want to use VRF).

Some examples regarding the randomised traits of the quest:

Rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare,… (relates to quest difficulty + potential loot)
Mission: Clear a dungeon, Survival, Escort
Team required: This is where the cooperation element could really come into play. Aavegotchis with different wearable sets (and/or other features) would be required to start the quest. Players would need to seek out others with the Gotchi/s that matched the criteria and it would help the social aspect of the community.

Quest scrolls could be bought/sold in the marketplace.

Once you have a team ready, all parties must enter the quest at the same time. The quest scroll is burned.

All Gotchis would be teleported to an area/dungeon (kept simple to start, perhaps the size of a spacious parcel or 2). Enemies of some form are in the area and you will need to complete the objective of the quest. I imagine that the quests would be short (at least to start) and take 10-15 mins, use the same or similar game mechanics as the aarena and evolve over time.

I think that it’s better to be fairly difficult to succeed and perhaps there is only a 20-30% success rate, because then the rewards for success can be greater. Both Luck and skill could be required for success.

Upon successful completion of the mission, the prize will be randomised but based upon the rarity of the quest. Prizes could be in tokens, items, XP (?) or more quest scrolls. If items are given, there will need to be some way to distribute them amongst the group fairly…. or , trust may be involved and a rating system for players added.

Inflation and quest loot would need to be discussed further. There could potentially be more cost involved for all parties if attempting a quest (token cost or channelling is used for the day?).

Thoughts, comments, ideas for improvement ?


Could we have the need to have a required slot amount begin at rare with 2 slots minimum? We could then scale it to 3 for legendary, 4 for mythical and 5 for godlikes. This would make it a little easier for groups to gain quest experience using the gotchi that they have on hand at the time.

I really like the idea because i could see lodges placing request based on characters and experience doing quest. :grin:

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I think this might be something PC is already working on:

True, but i do not see a problem with both depending on the needed funding of course :sweat_smile:

Yeah but it’s pretty vague and we don’t know what PC has done already…

What I really wanted to highlight were the 2 mechanics which I thought might be cool or at least interesting to think about:

  1. The quests/missions as NFT assets themselves.
  2. The focus on teamworks and needing to form teams with particular wearables/traits to be able to do the mission.

The hope for monster hunting RNG quests sounds like quality to me. Normally dungeons in any RPG require at least a healer, tank, DPS which isn’t new and we often have problems of not enough healers and tanks compared to DPS. The Runescape and Puzzle Pirates idea of clue scrolls and monster hunting maps is less common and appeals to me.

why not make it more ambitious (broad) and make it protocol level and not gotchiverse level, make the scrolls drop with a minimal % in geodes for example, and allow outside entities to participate, i imagine one of the scrolls having an admin token for GotchiHeroes, or a cool cats quest that makes u learn/experiment with their ecosystem, or a sandbox pass to enter some experience, or an NFT thats a key to a “infinity keys quest” .
Integration is key to the sucess of the protocol, while focusing on the Gotchiverse is good, thats PCs field and im sure they are onto something similar since they aim to build an actual MMORPG.