Gotchis Aaltair and Caalvery with ID's Graavestones - gotchi sacrifices tracker

Aaltair and Caalvery serving purpose, is a fun gamified proces of burn\transfer XP of ur gotchi and placing it to the tomb on Caalvery after.
It’s only UI for sacrificing gotchis and visualised gotchis ID’s that’s gone 4ever for good on it’s Graavestones.

Process descriptoin:
Click Aaltair in the main game menu, click on the ritual kriss knife(want to see it as in game item) on the floor, place ur gotchi\gotchis on Aaltair that u want to sacrifice, place ur gotchi to the Gotchis “fountain of youth” (the place where ur gotchi recive xp from the ritual), click, confirm gotchi burn and mintiong of it’s gotchis a tomb with their ID’s and other info, including badges under the names.

Place your gotchi that you want to sacrifice, place the one that will comsume it’s spirit.
Click = done.
Then our sacreficed gotchis going to be graved on our Caalvery. Every sacreface, mints it’s gotchi tomb on Caalvery, saying that “Gotchis name + ID that were born at the block #* died by been ripped apart by Gotchi SoulFleshEater ID6666 at the block #* RIP”

Dusky skies - Tombs - Graavestones - Gotchis IDs -Tumbleweed - Evil crow KARRR - Sound of blowing wind.

To say easy way, to make us able to know which ID’s got eaten by who, and when and make them to be placed on gotchis Caalverys Graavestones. If we want privacу, we can keep the info of consumer.

  • Pros
    Easy way to track the population (It will show total Gotchis numbers and it’ll track how many come and how many is gone)
    More data to track/analyze
    We will have a gotchis Cemetary for thouse who’s gone.
  • Cons
    More work for devs
    Mb less privacy
    Might be not necessary to track xp flows, because we can use leader board

Counter arguments:
Counter+ We already have leader board
Data from leader board can be writed down manually, to keep the tracks
Counter- uncomfortable way to make data analysis
It’l will bring more fun to the game, and another place to hang out on.

  • Aaltair and Caalvery with ID’s Graavestones
  • Aaltair only
  • Caalvery with ID’s Graavestones only
  • Nothing needed

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Lol sry for numbers of edits, lots of typo :\

Hey guys! Nice to see you voting, and seems like we have a split of opinions, please, let’s discuss difference of positions.

Not so long ago, I’ve got an idea, of using Aaltair-as-a-serice AAAS xD

Gov’nuhs with a lot of gotchis can provide a ritual service for ghst payments.

They can put the gotchi on the Aaltairs auction, to make ppl bid or make instabuy, to recive the xp from That gotchi ID.

Proffecion name suggestions:
Aadept, Flaamen, Paarson
But this roles we need them to have special item mb?