Require opt-in for Rarity Farming

Although i would be against the idea, i agree with this comment that theres passive and neglective no doubt.
The way i see it when an aavegotchi is purchased theres an amount of ghst/value that is locked within, that has protocol value and it doesnt make the separation between passive and neglective investors, having an opt-in would make that separation active and a way to “census” active addresses in some way…
Thats the merit of the proposal imo, more than the potential savings of ghst to the dao , (in the total 6.5M ghst payout the current 0.35k ghst equals around 5% in 4 seasons ) this means less ghst for the dao to leverage, but it is price positive pressure on the token since its like its staked without any payout) with the Curve death plans that are starting to occur this effect would be even more noticible as it would be close to 1% of the supply staked without a lock or a payout (0.35k *1.05 assuming 5% more would not be touched from the next RF, and assuming 42M max supply for the ghst token)
End of the day imo its best to just keep rewarding and maintain investor confidence high even for neglective investors

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I agree with this. I like the opt-in, but i don’t like the rewards for non-opted in gotchis to be returned to the dao as opposed to given to the next gotchi who did opt in.


I agree fren. Let’s make everyone opt-in; otherwise, the DAO gets the GHST back.

im sorry but it sounds like tax on stupidity or simply one more wall for people not getting payed

not active players don’t use their GHST and gotchis anyway, efficiently burning them up.

Right now here is also a future possibility for somebody to find fortune on grandma hardware device, don’t kill it please!

Controversial proposal. As a regular RF participant I would like to say YES to this proposal, but it looks like we want to protect our pocket not such an investor. I’m going to vote against.

Aavegotchi is really passive source of income if you know how to manage gotchis and wearables.

Next season will be here before we know it.