Season 2 should have rarity farming for single stat. 👻

The idea is simple
I’m not saying to remove the current BRS rewards but to split towards highest single stat so that less rare gotchi’s can also compete!

I honestly misread the rarity farming post the first time and thought the rounds system was this exact thing but it was only to see who would win in case of ties!
So my idea here is to have a rounds system like we currently have but for single stat competition!

In my opinion it’s more fun trying to max out the stat that is in the current round so that more people get to compete. instead of people just ape-ing :monkey_face: :monkey_face: with items that are debuffing themselves. but due to base rarity from the item still getting buffed BRS wise.
The fun thing about this would be that people who have 2 high stats for example could switch between clothes to max out the other stat in other rounds.

This would not only make clothes more valueable they will also flow more and also will make perfect single stat gotchis more desireable!

Give rarity-farming rewards to highest single stat with a rounds system in season 2.
It will make clothes switching a strategic thing and will give more value to single perfect stat gotchi’s!
Important: low stats also count as high (as in under 0)

Single stat rarity farming.
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Hi. Sounds interesting, but I dont understand your proposal entirely. What you describe seems very similar to regular “ARS-farming” (“clothes switching” as a strategic thing)? Sorry if I dont get an obvious thing, but what would be an example of a “perfect stat gotchi”?

This is just single stat competition
week 1-2 NRG
week 2-4 AGG
week 4-6 SPK
week 7-8 BRN
Highest single stat wins, this is not ARS since that counts all stats.
I’m just saying a competition for only 1 single stat.
perfect stat gotchi would be one that has a 101 or -1 stat (dai gives 1 NRG for example making it possible to get 101 out of the portal.)
what i meant is that even if the BRS is 450 as long as it has 1 really good stat it can still compete here.


Cool, at least some more variative for competitors .
Would be great :heart:

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