Wearables to Have Voting Power

Considering a substantial amount of GHST has been spent on Wearables for the Haunt 1 (and future Haunts) Gotchis, it seems prudent for these items to have Voting power.

This Proposal is to 1) determine if Wearables should have voting power, and 2) determine what that voting power should be.

So my proposal is: Should Wearables have voting power? (Yes/No)

  1. No, nothing further needs to be done.

  2. If Yes, how do we value it?
    a. Original Baazaar list price?
    b. A running 60/90-day average selling price of that specific item?
    c. [Other Ideas]

I feel the current proposal for Haunt 2 would be substantially different if the people that have spent a lot of money on wearables for their gotchis could vote with that GHST. Let’s open the discussion to this topic as it’s definitely something that needs to be considered in the future, if not now.


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