Signal Proposal: "AATIC" i.e. Additive NFT Staking Feature


*Many gotchi/wearable owners feel left out of FRENS earning equation after spending their GHST
*The marketability of Kinship is uncertain
*The flexibility/assignability/fungibility of a wallet/human/user’s kinship is unadressed
*Most recent (Unicly) announcement calls for community-driven assignment of what constitutes a proper category/class/group of gotchis.


*in-house coding and UX display of a co-NFT-staking function called " The AATIC"
*While within an Aattic, a Gotchi:
A) Cannot be renamed/sold/transferred/listed in Baazaar (i.e. it is locked)
B) It shares,AKA co-distributes in an time-linear averaging fashion its kinship value with all other Gotchis within same AATIC
C) Earns frens in rewards for Gotchi owners compared to the current rate of 0
D) Foregoes individual rights for the sake of groupal sharding as present in platforms such as Unicly
E) May be pet at once with all other gotchis within the same AATIC via a pet-all feature

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Wanted to expand on this proposal with some examples:

A) User Linda owns 4 gotchis. Her H1 gotchi, also her most valuable, needs to be sold for personal financial reasons. Linda has no choice in selling this gotchi. but she doesn’t want to lose most of her kinship/voting power (hard-to-value metrics of her long-term project involvement). She creates an AATIC with her most recent gotchi + her valuable H1 gotchi, and over a few days, a substantial part of her H1 gotchi’s kinship has transferred over to the other. She can now sell her H1 with more ease.

B) A Defi enthusiast, Dave, decides he wants to invest fractionally in the Aavegotchi NFT ecosystem, without actually devoting time to raising and outfitting his own gotchi. Dave looks around in platforms such as Unicly for means to invest in the ecosystem in the most balanced way, so he heads to Discord, where the community points him to some popular AATICs:
Kinship Kings : 40 gotchis// 12000 Kinship // 40000 XP // 2400 BRS
XP Xperts : 20 gotchis// 6700 Kinship // 230000 XP // 12000 BRS
The Contenders : 3 gotchis // 890 Kinsip // 8900 XP // 2734 BRS

C) Moonchine, a Defi-Aavegotchi-Degen-Extraordinaire, owns a gotchi-sitting service. He owns a couple of “Kinship studs” AKA high Kinship gotchis. When his clients are willing to pay a premium, Moonchine groups these VIP gotchies with his “Kinship studs” within a single AATIC, in order to raise their overall kinship outright, or minimize the kinship impacts of gotchi transfers. Having the pet-all button helps Moonchine as he can sometimes hold up to 5% of the entire gotchi population during periods of high demand for his services.

D) Mary, an Aavegotchi enthusiast, has accumulated 8 gotchies over time. She loves every single one of them, but has ran into a couple of issues: she has ran out of GHST, and cannot afford to dress them all-let alone compete in RF. Before spending her GHST, she had means to earn FRENS, but not anymore. She is a single mother with a busy schedule, and petting 8 gotchies individually every 12 hours is becoming a challenge. When the AATIC function is released, Mary cannot contain her excitement, as all the above issues are now solved. She can easily pet her gotchi collection, and has a more positive outlook towards participating and raffles and perhaps even higher rungs of RF.