Which games earn us rewards?!

Hi frens, just curious, which minigames earn us any rewards. I see there are like 4 or 5 games to play. I would like to understand more regarding earning from playing the minigames.

Which games earn us, XP? all of them?
How does one earn XP from said game? For ex., how long do i have to play said game to earn some XP, or other reward? Do I earn from accruing a high score, if so what scores? Or do i earn from playing the game for hours a day??

Any help please?!


For now the mini games only give xp and rewards when they’re first launched. Since none of the games are new at the moment there are no rewards. I know there are things developing in the game aarcade where there will be better prizes games etc. so sit tight :wink:


thanks notorious!! Is it true that if we earn a score of over 100 in whack arofl, we earn 5 xp…i think i saw that somewhere, but want to confirm! Thanks

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Hmmm I’m not sure about that one ser! Maybe @CoyoteDev would know?

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No. That was just during the last XP event.

The minigames are created by members of the community so the games only give XP once approved by Pixelcraft and featured for an XP event.

Eventually, we aim to have a system in place called the Arcade that will financially incentivise developers to continuously improve their game; all the whilst creating a system of play to earn within their game.

For this to happen the game will need to be of an excellent standard and have server security so the games cannot be exploited for financial reward.


Thank you for your reply. What a proper perfect articulated response. Thank you!! And now i wont waste my time whack rofls to try and get high score to earn some spirit!! I’ll go back to drinking my spirits!

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Can’t wait for the Aarcade, have you guys thought about what kind of rewards will be given out? I was thinking along the concept of ‘loot boxes’, whereby players earn and accumulate some kind of token for playing the minigames and they can use these tokens to open different tier of ‘loot boxes’ that give our different tier of rewards that can be used in the Gotchiverse, like the Alchemicas, or XP Potions, etc, the higher tier boxes will require more tokens to open, this will attract players to keep trying to achieve, but of course, there must be some calculated max cap per day and max tokens per game, for example.

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Hmm. The idea of a lootbox that you EARN actually sounds great!