The art is learned rather than intrinsic

Please think this question firstly, why Van Gogh‘s drawing is so expensive? the people or objects in Van Gogh’s drawing is not looks like in real, and lines are distorted. but why one drawing worth millions of USD?That is because art is learned rather than intrisic. At first Van Gogh is not recoginzed by people, his drawing very cheap and sold in small bars. however after hundreds of years until now, many people see his drawings and gradually accept and now it is very valuable.

Now let us see the gotchis created. At first when I saw the gotchis I feel they are not cute instead they are ugly. however I try to buy some, and use them to pick up alchemica in game, rent them to earn money. they give me profit everyday, now after two months since I bought my first gotchi, I find my gotchis are really cute, every day I will check them and check profit, alchemicas they bring to me.

Now I want to express my point: let the gotchiverse open to every people, every address. let the renting market, land market, gotchi market as open as possible. All in all let this game as decentralized as possible. Only by this Gotchis NFT or other relative NFT can become popular and valuable in future.

Not set limitation, not set sensorship, no red name system, is our goal. The botting in games is not because no limitation for users, it is because there is bugs in game mechanism. Don’t blame bots, we should update our game inside.

I write above not hope everyone understand my meaning, I only hope the game leader or dev. team can understand and try make gotchiverse more open more decentralized and no need third party tools. this game should self sustained for long term same as BTC.


Firstly, Gotchis are very cute, always have been… which planet are you from?

lol but in all seriousness, secondly, Van Gogh’s lil sketches and drawings are expensive because of his most popular paintings (Starry Night, for example). And even these paintings are mostly only important because ppl characterized their own sense of cultural identity around the innovation and intellectualism which connoted visual analysis of these paintings.

People liked Van Gogh’s paintings because they made people proud of their country in a time when empires and monarchies were turning into nations. These nations weren’t supposed to have god given dynasties–they needed cultural ties to hold themselves together, hence intellectualism, hence love of “genius painters” (oou he’s so tormented, bonus!). This is a bit reductive of course…

My point though, is that people buy those sketches because really they wanted the famous one with the sunflowers but that one was just way too expensive. The exclusivity of everyone’s favorite painting is what drives sales of his sketches and drawings.

I really hope the whole world sees what we’re doing and feels welcomed by our community. I think eventually someone could be inspired by our little world–maybe they’d make one like it without the investoor element. However, I think this game is partially if not mostly for the investors to have fun with, and making their assets less exclusive or cheaper just wouldn’t be very fun.

I’d love to see a super open and (income) accessible version of aavegotchi–but this game is not that, it was built different. Hopefully we can inspire and encourage someone to create that though…

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