Use Accumulated Spillover to Help Fund Aarena Token Drop

Hi Frens. There has been much debate and a couple of proposals on what to do with the accumulated spillover. I would like to propose another idea on what to do with the spillover. I would like to propose the idea to have the stored spillover alchemica be used as token drops in the Aarena. IMO this would be the best use case of it since spillover in the Gotchiverse is currently not active but is still growing daily . I would also like the propose the idea that 25% of all future collected spillover go towards funding alchemica drops in the Aarena once spillover is enabled in the Gotchiverse. This IMO would add a small perpetual way of helping to fund the Aarena token drops going forward. Granted this is just an idea at this point and I would like the community’s feedback on the subject.

Its been asked, and no I am not suggesting that the tokens have an unregulated drop. I am only suggesting that we use the already minted tokens after we have found the best way to drop them into the Aarena.

good morning, which token will be the aarena token? first time I see that

$FUD, $FOMO, $ALPHA and $KEK are currently the only tokens that will be dropped in the Aarena.

We can’t create another issuance source.

Players should pay for entry into arena with alch.
The entry fee can than be used to create a prize pool.

The arena can then keep part of the prize pool as a fee
(alch sink / sustainable)

The arena’s hosting fee can be around 10-20%?

The remaining of the prize pool can then be distributed to
top x number of player on the leader board.

The battle in this case should be for a fixed amount of time.

The amount of alch going in should be more than what is coming out of the arena.

(i.e. if alch simply is in the gotchi’s pocket and get dropped upon being killed. there is no sink)

This is based on Mark’s alch competition but modified for arena

In theory, a dropless aarena sounds good but IMO it will not sustain players for any worth while amount of time. I am suggesting that we the DAO use the now growing spillover wallet to help fund the aarean. Players are adding to the spillover wallet daily with no foreseeable way to access it other than the weekend hangout. Once it is reenabled in the Gotchiverse, tokens will be available just by walking around. I am just suggesting that we set aside 25% of the free drop for the Aarena where players would at least fight for it. Imagine we could have free LOW Drop marketed Aarena, a higher stakes buy-in and a tournament Aarena where we could offer GHST or NFT prizes. I am not trying to come up with the payout structure or anything like that, however i am bringing up ways to help fund it now.

The only reason we still have the locked alch is because Mark make it into 2 options on the snapshot

36+14% = 50% (ignoring VD required)

If I know the alch will be re-introduced back into economy like this I would had voted differently

If it is used to promote arena for a short period of time then I agree. But to create a new source of issuance over long run when we just had AGIP 49 to reduce issuance tanking humble/gotchi price in return is like doing the opposite of what we already pay for

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IMO the main problem with spillover is not IF it gets reintroduced but HOW it gets reintroduced. Truthfully those tokens should not be there or rather NOT to the extent or amount that is currently there. We have land owners that have emptied or who are close to emptying their parcels that can’t access the spillage from their parcels and IMO that is the real pushback on doing anything with spillover. Even the one for reserving it for district DAO’s did not pass, so i see this as a way for them to get something out of it.