User driven BtE Auction

Not sure if this is the channel for this kind of idea but I think it could be fun and maybe exciting.

We recently had the haunt 2 auction which I think was a lot of fun and a great way to introduce people to the gotchi game and get them excited for auctions. What if we made a similar kind of auction / competition but instead of new mint NFTs we had user submitted gotchis and wearables?

We could have people put up their items and gotchis at a certain starting price (either user chooses or based on rarity brackets) and then the same sort of bidding takes place but instead of the bidders getting all the profit it will be split between the inniitial seller and the bidder. So if the bid reward was 10% then maybe it’s a 5% split for the person who posted the item on auction and 5% for the person being out bid.

We could have the degen be for mythic items and gotchi of a high rarity, and then scale the % of returns similarly 20% and 10% as what was in the h2 auction based on item rarity or gotchi rarity

I think the idea could be refined and improved but we could also gamify it and have bonus rewards (fren or tickets) based on how much ghst you received as a bidder being out bid or how many bids your auctions attracted. This would encourage people to post a little lower to get more bids mutually beneficial for all