Voting power for land plots

What if we were to allocate VP based on actual floor prices vs price per pixel which is actually quite unbalanced. It could be X% of the floor price.

We could even, in time, form a voting power committee which would keep the VP in check with rising floor prices. This would, in a way, reward people who are long term holders as they would get more VP for holding their plots. This could extend into gotchis and wearables as well.

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Great suggestion with a voting power committee. This would be one of the most crucial governance bodies we have in the gotchi ecosystem imo.

Definitely would need a large number of voices in there and constant feedback from PC and the community.

I don’t think that inflating voting power is a problem. We just need to be sure that the holders of the assets with voting power have the corresponding amount of “skin in the game”.

The voting power of people who own in-game NFTs is more important and beneficial for the DAO than the voting power of fungible assets. NFT holders are more involved in the community and game, they understand the game better. But giving the dominant amount of voting power to them are also dangerous: their decisions can be driven more by their in-game interest, rather than by the goal of increasing the success of the whole project.


Voting power should be based on the auction floor.

The idea is good but the others are right: 2048 voting power for a spacious is too much

I’m in favor of equal voting per parcel and as coderdan stated, we should start out with a conservative amount of VP.