Aagent missions part 2

Should the Aagent missions make a comeback?
What new missions should there be?


Keen to hear some ideas! I have some ideas but we have a lot more options now that Aavegotchis are live :fire:


I really liked the missions and they could now be combined with badges. I’d definitely like to see them make a comeback, great way to get the community together and present the gotchigang to the public.



I want to signal popularity scoring at some point. It simply facilitates this kind of thing. I would allocate specific portals or parcels to aagents (everyone should be able to start from equal or comparable/inclusive level now) that achieve the highest popularity scores in certain targeted scenarios.

Example: Choose a pro-environment themed/named gotchi. Achieve celebrity retweets or other high visibility/impact action> pointing to chosen gotchi.
Popularity Score of chosen gotchi will/may be asessed in overall metrics to decide the winner(s) of treasure haaunt!


Those two are incompatible. How does a random owner have a chance against an influencer like cagy for example?

Can’t confirm 100% ofc but I definitely see Missions playing an important part in the leadup to H2 and REALM sales. Would be aamazing to have some community input on how we can leverage Aavegotchis. JUST REMEMBER that the goal of Missions is to incentivize ppl just learning about Aavegotchi, not give more benefits to those already very established.


I do not have a background in computers/online gaming and just learned about blockchains this autumn.
This game/investment/collectible and platform is not straightforward; without Realm and Haaunt 2 i find it difficult explaining to normies (as used in Roadmap & to describe myself ) why Aavegotchi is as amazing as it is. My friends/familiy look at me like I am crazy when telling them about investing over $250 in Eth gas fees to provide liquidity in a pool of tokens to earn gotchi badges.
There is discord, twitter, snapshots, telegram, medium & DAO.
I would like the Mission to focus on making the process of Adopting a Gotchi, buying a portal, participating in DAO easier to understand.

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Lol, pardon the confusion. I meant regarding everyone starting from an equal footing re. the missions. If previous aagents have perks or advantages newcomers can’t match, they may be turned off from community involvement.

And good point re a celebrity like Cagy Jan dominating. I’d invite you to read my thread in popularity scoring where I propose methods to address this like weekly resets of the score. Bots would be a more worrisome threat than celebrities TBH. Any rewards to the celebrity or popular person achieving highest popularity marks, would be temporary- while the entire ecosystem benefits permanently from the increase exposure the influencer achieved.

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Thank you for explaining, fren.

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A mission like: Gotchi fashion show on Twitter would be great to spread gotchi image I think :stuck_out_tongue:


Should the next round of Aagent missions follow the same as last?

  1. Read litepaper (Realm instead of Aavegotchi) and comment
  2. Invite new users to discord/telegram
  3. Take to twitter with Realm litepaper
  4. Post thoughtful REALM question for AMA
  5. New People planning to purchase REALM walkthrough token transfer/exchange
  6. Join DAO and earn badges
  7. Vote on Snapshot or create new Proposal
  8. Join Reddit & Create Meme about REALM
  9. BlogPost or Video about REALM
  10. Design a wearable you would like to see on your gotchi
  11. Wiki edit challenge
  12. Shill Shill Shill

Looks like the ambassador project is the next agent missions.

Nah, Aambassador program is separate from Missions. But quite complementary!