Aavegotchi beauty contest!

I propose a beauty contest, where we will have the most beautiful Aavegotchies participating to see which one is the most stunning, graceful and well dressed.

I am thinking of 2 categories for the contest - mother vrf and well-dressed - the first category only for the gotchies that do not have items and the second for gotchies with items.

If this idea gathers support, the rewards can be sponsored by the treasury.

Feel free to comment on this thread with feedback and also with your best-looking gotchies.


I will start by proposing my Primal Aavegotchi to the best looking dressed category

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Très magnifique, fren, beautiful eyes!

I humbly submit for the valued consideration of the connaisseur:

„Monsieur Inquisiteur“

please note en passant the harmony of his eyes with the complexion of his petite pet,
et en suite the beautiful „contraste de colour“ of his petite flacon (aka M67 Grenade).

Youd wouldn‘t deny him a response true to your heart, would you? :slight_smile:

Superb idea, btw, this is fun!
Regarding voting:
what do you think of a simple voting of 1 – 10 (1: „could improve“, 10: „perfection“)?

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